August 2, 2012

Your System for Golf Fitness

Golfers are now becoming more educated and aware of how physically demanding the golf swing is on the body, so before you  set foot on the course, it is important that you prepare your body physically especially the muscles in your body that you will need  in your golf swing.

Personally I believe there is no right or wrong way to work out, but there is a smarter way to train for your sport.  A normal fitness program is developed when you isolate and train individual body parts with the goal of making the muscle become larger. There is nothing wrong with this type of training except it does not help us become more flexible or develop the proper movement patterns for an efficient golf swing. Instead of obsessing over impressive muscles and size, focus on stretching and strengthening the dozens of small muscles attached to the hips, pelvis, lower back, abdominals, ribs and shoulder blades.

Over the years I have developed a system which my golfers follow called SYSTEM 4-15G.

System 4-15G is 4 -15 minutes of golf specific areas that focus on the functional elements of the golf swing from joint function to increased flexibility, balance, stability, strength and dynamic power . The goal of this golf specific training system is not to get big bulky muscles but to perform the correct exercises in the correct movement patterns needed to prepare your body for a more efficient golf swing.

SYSTEM 4-15 G combines 4 training areas which focus on Golf Specific Exercises. It can be done in one sitting, or spread out through the day.  The beauty of this program is that most, if not all the routines can be performed in your own home, gym or even when traveling. Beginners, complete one set of each for a 20 minute workout. Then we move to 40 minutes and advanced athletes do the entire 60 minute golf specific workout.

The first 5 to 15 minutes Dynamic Stretching is performed.

The Second 5 to 15 minutes we focus on Golf Specific Weights.

Then we move to 5 to 15 minutes of Core, Balance and Stability exercises.

And we finish with 5 to 15 minutes of Static Stretching

Over the next four weeks I will give you specific exercises of each section for you to add to your golf fitness routine.

The workout begins with Dynamic Stretching. Dynamic stretching is when you stretch the targeted muscles without stopping, moving in and out of the stretch position until you loosen up, getting your body ready for movement. This continuous movement allows the brain to monitor the changing length of the muscles to recognize arms, shoulders, turn and follow through.

Key points to remember are: a) never move fast, b) never stop more than a second and keep moving. Purpose for this exercise is to increase core temperature, elongate golf muscles, increase proprioception, the system pressure sensors in joints muscles, and tendons that your body uses to maintain balance.

Try the Stick Turn  Exercise for your Dynamic Stretching:

Stick turns

This simple golf exercise should loosen up your shoulders and back and give you the feeling of a complete backswing more readily than any other I know.  You can do this with the stick or your driver. For this dynamic golf fitness stretch, take up the address position and place your left hand on top.

Now perform the backswing by turning the left shoulder where you can see your right foot. You should feel a deep stretch in your left back area. Come back to center and repeat 10 times. Repeat to the left side to stretch your right side.

With System 4-15 G, you will be using training methods specifically designed to improve your golf game. If you follow this program you will increase your strength, improve your flexibility increase your endurance and lose a little around the middle and improve how your body functions both on and off the golf course.

Tune in next week as we go over the golf specific exercise we call the Geiko 4 Quad.

Committed to your golf & fitness success, 

This article is written by Chris Ownbey

Director of Golf Fitness at Golden Bear Golf Academy in Carrollton, TX and the Winstar Golf Academy, and the owner of the Institute For Golf Fitness.  Chris is also a Titleist certified golf specialist.  When it comes to Golf Performance, Chris Ownbey has for many years trained golfers, teaching them the secrets to increased strength, greater flexibility and better health. And here’s the great news for you…With the Ultimate Golf Fitness Performance his “online golf fitness system”- the secrets are now available in person or in the privacy of your own home.  For Online golf performance visit for 3 Free Golf fitness Workouts.  If you would like to reach out to Chris directly call 214-457-9684.



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