July 19, 2012

Why Diets Make You Fatter

Let me share something with you that not many people know. It may shock you, but I promise you that after this you will never go on a diet again. Diets restrict calories and you eat less. That’s the point. But next to no one can eat less and stay on a calorie-restricted diet forever. Therefore, any “weight” that you “lose” on a diet is only temporary.

When you go on a diet, your body slows down the rate at which it burns energy (your “metabolism”) in order to save you from the “starvation” of the diet itself. And when you go off the diet, which inevitably happens because most of us can’t eat just cabbage soup or protein shakes or red meat for any length of time.  You automatically go back to your old eating habits. Unfortunately, your metabolism (rate at which you burn energy) is now MUCH slower (because you were just on a diet) and now with your old eating habits, you’re actually burning less and putting on more weight than you were before.

 And here’s the absolute worst part. When you lose “weight” on your “diet” you lost it mostly from muscle and water. Less than half of your weight loss is actually body fat.  Now, muscle and water weigh a lot, so the scale says you’re doing fine. But when you finally get hungry, tired, frustrated, and fed up, and you go off the diet, the weight comes back. And the weight you regain comes back on mostly as body fat.

 Do you believe this? You went on a diet to lose weight, and you ended up with even more fat than when you started.

 Sadly, that’s the case for so many people who do fad diets. That’s why their weight “yo-yos” all over the place. And that’s why they can never keep the weight off.  If you’ve been on a lot of diets (the yo-yo diet syndrome) you’re even worse off, because this just accelerates the above problems by continuing to slow down the rate at which you burn fat to the point where it feels like you’ll never be able to get it off again! Since the quality of weight you gained back is primarily body fat… Most people who’ve been on lots of diets, are bigger now than they’ve ever been!

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 The ONLY Solution Is… to turn yourself into a lean, fat-burning machine. But you’re not going to do it by dieting. And it’s certainly not going to happen by sitting around and doing nothing.  Nope, to accomplish this you will need to learn how to Eat, Clean, and Get Active. 

Remember it’s not how much you eat…it’s WHAT you eat that matters MOST.  The bottom line is this, Overweight or not… the Foods you Eat have a lasting impact on virtually every aspect of your health.   

We now know that the majority of illness and chronic diseases currently so prevalent in America are Largely Preventable and in some cases Fully Reversible, simply by Eating Certain Foods and Avoiding others.  I call it eating clean, and when you add some physical activity to the proper way of eating, you get a multiplier effect with your Weight and Your Health.    

Unlike Golf… This is a game you can WIN, by shooting even par, under par, or a little over par just about every day of your life. 

This article was written by Larry Jacobs, Golf’s Top Food and Weight Loss Coach

Golf’s Top Food and Weight Loss Coach Larry Jacobs is a contributor to multiple golf publications, a frequent talk show guest and is often written about and quoted in the golf media. With his unique method of Eating Clean, his Weight Loss for Golfers Tele-Seminar Series has helped Tour Players and Amateurs in 22 countries. His simple promise is that he can take any Golfer from being a Fat Storer to a Fat Burner in 2 weeks or less without Dieting, Counting Calories, or Starving.  Click here to learn more about Larry’s Golfers Weight Loss Program.



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