August 21, 2010

What Type Of Training Works Best For Golfers?

Instead of using traditional weight training machines, golf conditioning experts use the concept of functional fitness when training elite level golfers. We are no longer just concerned with simply increasing the strength of a muscle group, but more importantly, integrating the demands of golf and the movement patterns which intentionally incorporate balance and proprioception (body awareness) into training.

Functional fitness programs aim to specifically introduce controlled amounts of instability so the golfer is forced to create or regain his own stability. Since golfers rarely play the game on a stable surface, meaning they could be in sand, with an uphill lie, or in the woods, it’s important to continue challenging the golfer through various modes of functional training. In fact, a golfer’s display of strength in conditions of instability is actually the highest expression of strength.

There are many cookie cutter golf conditioning programs which suggest you use machines and only work single joint movement patterns. These prove to be inferior training methods because at no point in the swing are you sitting down and isolating a single muscle group. Therefore, there is no function created in the exercise and no carry over to your actual swing.

At Fitness For our members have access to golf specific exercises that will help you play better golf by training the proper muscles.  Additionally, there are workouts designed to help golfers with specific golf needs like how to hit the ball further.  Bulking up by bench pressing too much weight is not the right strategy for a golfer who needs upper body rotation to whip the driver’s club head around the body quickly for maximum distance.  For specific exercises and routines to focus building an athletic golf body, check out a membership in Fitness For by clicking here.



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