August 20, 2012

What Is Your Body Trying To Say?

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Have you been watching Tiger Woods in the American Express Championship playing golf with excruciating pain? I can barely stand to watch.

I keep asking myself, why is he doing this to himself? No man or woman, for that matter, is an island. It seems he hurt his back on a long flight from New York.

He knew the night before that an injury was in the “making” yet he decided to play through it anyway. Now, try and guess what happened next. Let me help you…he was seen buckling his knees and clinching his jaw between shots. His caddie had to lift his shirt numerous times to apply a heated rubbing cream between his shoulder blades.

The worst part, and I’m sure many of you will not agree with me here, but he still shot a 68. Normally, this would be good. Unfortunately, on this day, I do not agree. This kind of score only serves to make the golfer more invincible. Golfers are certain that if they can still score while in pain, then why take the time for rehab and injury management.

I know who Tiger’s trainer is and you can be assured this will be his first stop after the tournament is over. Hopefully, he will not have sustained a more serious injury in the process.

So, in light of Tiger’s back injury, I dedicate this newsletter to learning a few of the major signs your body uses to warn you of impending issues ahead. Learn your body’s language and you’ll save yourself a few trips to the doctor and keep your body playing golf for a lifetime of enjoyment.

What is your Body Trying to Say?

This is dull, low level, persistent pain. Usually you feel aching when your body is at rest, and it feels better when you get moving and the area is warmed up. Aching generally means that a muscle, ligament, or tendon is contracted, or you could have a nerve impingement. Aching is a signal that something more acute or serious is just around the corner.

A muscle is severely contracted. Dehydration, overuse or inactivity are likely causes. It will help to fire the opposite muscle and stretch the cramped muscle.

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This is the sound of bone on bone, or particles floating in fluid, or a muscle, tendon or ligament sliding over the bone. As long as there is no pain, there is no cause for immediate concern. If pain is associated, contact a physician for a medical evaluation.

This is always an indication that something is wrong. Never work through pain or take medication, but rather take time to find out the source of discomfort.

A muscle which is firing rapidly and continuously is the result of intense fatigue. It may be a sign of an impending cramp. Stretch the muscle, and massage with ice.

When you hear a rip, it means something may be tearing. If it is accompanied by pain, have it evaluated immediately.

The muscle is in contraction. Immediately fire the opposite muscle and gently stretch the muscle in spasm.

Tenderness is considered a low level of pain. Pain is always an indication that something isnt quite right.

When the muscle is irritated it causes constriction of blood flow. Try and relax your muscles so this doesnt turn into muscle compensations.

The area is constricted and you can feel the blood flow in the form of a pulse. If there is swelling in addition, you should pay close attention.

Blood flow is constricted or a nerve has been impinged as is interfering with neurological transmissions to that area. Tingling has the potential to shut down the whole area.

This article was based on The Wharton’s Stretch Book



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