August 21, 2010

What Is Best To Eat During My Round?

Having enough energy to be able to finish a strong round is important when striving to keep a low score. Eating the right foods before and during your round plays an important part in that strong finish.

When we look at nutrition for athletes, we tend to look at the pre-game meal as the most important part of the plan. However, you’re fighting an endless battle if you ignore what you eat the rest of the time. A well balanced diet throughout the whole week and not just the day of your outing is also important. Keeping your fat and sugar intake at a minimum while balancing your protein and carbohydrates in your daily meals can be as important as what you eat on game day.

However, the “game day” or “pre-round” meal for the serious golfer should be evaluated if you find yourself running on fumes by the 16th tee shot. At the turn or if you feel hungry during the front nine, try eating a nutrition bar to give you a strong finish on the 18th green. Stay away from greasy foods that are high in fats like hamburgers, hot dogs and potato chips. These may tickle the taste buds, but won’t help your score. Try a protein bar with a carbohydrate like a piece of fruit, an apple, orange or banana. This makes for a great combination.

Staying properly hydrated is also crucial. Drinking water regularly before and during your round will help keep you full of energy and mentally focused. It is imperative to stay away from sodas and alcohol. Both will cause dehydration, which will not only decrease your endurance, but can lead to life-threatening problems such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Water is usually the best answer; but if you need some flavor, try a sports drink that is low in sugar.

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