February 15, 2013

Weekend Watch–Play on Private Course, Just avoid the Houses!

This week sure flew by fast! As you may have noticed, you did not receive a Precision Golf Now e-newsletter this week…and there is a very good reason for that.

For starters, there wasn’t one ready to go and we’re not just going to send something out for the sake of doing it. The other reason is that we’re giving it a more modern look (the old one was too 2012 looking!) and we’re going to send it out on Tuesdays. Be sure to look for it this coming Tuesday and let us know what you think.

Now to the good stuff…here are links to this week’s weekend reads and one resource that will allow you to reserve tee times on private courses–and it’s free to join! Enjoy

Here’s how Padraig Harrington avoids jet lag – Doesn’t matter if we’re traveling for pleasure or business jet lag can take a toll on you. Here’s how globe-trotting PGA Pro Padraig Harrington handles jet lag.

(Side note: If you’re a busy traveler and want to take Padraig Harrington’s advice but need structure to your regiment, check out the Fitness For Golf membership. It’s the perfect resource for working out on the road or at home.)

Even the top Pros Need a Mentor -World number 3 Luke Donald is looking to none other than the NBA great Michael Jordan to help improve his mental game Yahoo sports reported this week. It’s always great to have the guidance of a mentor; the fact that Donald is working with a Hall of Fame, 6 time Champion and one of the best to ever play basketball is a phenomincal asset to have.

Boxgroove.com – Historically if you’ve wanted to play a private course you needed to have a friend be a member and invite you to play to have that priviledge. If you didn’t have a friend at the private course you were kinda out of luck… Boxgroove is changing that up. By becoming a member to Boxgroove you can reserve tee times at participating private courses in the United States. Joining is free however if you find yourself making multiple reservations through Boxgroove you may want to opt for the paid membership and avoid the booking fees ($49/year…use the promo code fitgolf40 and you can get it for $40/year–same price as 2 rounds). Check it out and sign up for free. It’s always good to have options when it comes to courses to play!

If only Rodney Dangerfield owned Bushwood- From the Ellis Lawhorne law firm in Columbia, South Carolina – There is an ongoing case regarding residential development around a local golf club and in this case the golf club wants to be zoned for residential development. You can check out the entire article here — Some Uses Just Don’t Belong: Land Use Law and “Caddyshack” . After reading this I’m going to watch Caddyshack this weekend!

Golf Tees Etc - No.1 For Golf Tees & Other Golfing Products

Remember Stonehouse Golf Collection? This past Christmas we introduced you to Stonehouse Golf Collection– a company that travels the world photographing the world’s premiere courses and framing those pictures. Currently they have a book project which seeks to pay tribute to the beauty and design of world famed courses. The book, “Green Glory”, features courses that have hosted all 4 PGA major championships and captivates the history behind each course. They are currently looking for fundraising to continue production of “Green Glory.” Click the link below you would like to contribute to their cause and acquire your own First Edition Autographed Edition of “Green Glory”

Support the Cause and Acquire a First Edition Autographed Edition of “Green Glory”

Want to weigh in on any of these topics? Do you have any items to add to the weekend watch? Leave a comment here

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