February 8, 2013

Weekend Watch–It’s Pebble Beach Week!

It’s the weekend! And you know what that means…Time for GOLF!

The Pros are back playing which means one thing: Spring is almost here! For those of you who are lucky enough to be playing, have fun! Unfortunately it’s not quite warm enough here in Omaha (yet) so I’m going to watch the pros have all the fun this weekend at Pebble Beach (one of my personal favorite courses).

Regardless of if you’re playing or just training this weekend, here are some awesome free articles and videos that I’m going to be reading and watching this weekend.

Rory McIlroy Workout Routine Here’s a good post talking about Rory McIlroy’s workout routine. It doesn’t get into details about what specific exercises he does however

Will USGA lay down the law at U.S. Open? The pace of play has been a hot button issue for the touring pros in these first couple of events this year and I’m sure the pace will be a factor this weekend too. There are so many factors going into this, it will certainly be interesting to see what (if anything) the PGA decides to do about the pace of play.

Friday Foursome with the Google + Golf Community This week Jay hungout with the CEO Foursum Golf Matt Eldridge, Ricky Potts the Google + Golf community moderator and Jason Boslow. Foursum Golf is a really cool app that will track all your distances, your scores, and…here’s the really cool part…it has gamification features that allow you to play a game with your buddies (i.e. a stag game) and win points accordingly. There will be a paid version of the app that allows you to exchange those points for physical products (think a sleeve of balls). Watch the Youtube Video to get all the inside information on the Foursum Golf mobile app. If you know you’re going to download this once it becomes available, join me on the priority access list and we can get early access. Here’s the link to join the priority access list:

Foursum Golf Priority Access List

Want to weigh in on any of these topics? Do you have any items to add to the weekend watch? Leave a comment below

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