March 11, 2013

Weekend Watch: Selling the Green Jacket?!

Selling a Green Jacket? I could not imagine selling the famed Green Jacket (if I ever won it, which at this point is unlikely), however it looks like someone else would rather take the cash. And once ownership has been proved it’s off to the auction block.

An American Record Broken! — It’s always cool to watch someone break a record, but to have your friend and personal trainer break a record is incredible. That’s exactly what Bill Esch did breaking the American record for kettlebells in a competition last month. Pretty darn impressive. Read the full article, plus what Bill has to say about nutrition and what people should be striving for in their workouts here: Bill Esch Breaks an American Record

Hanging Out With Wade Pearse — There as been a lot of press given to Rory after last week’s withdrawal and then him stating that it was not the right thing to do. Our friend Wade Pearse and I talked about this in this week’s hangout. Watch what we had to say by clicking the following link: Competing Mentally

The Boys are Back at it We’re so used to watching the pros play world class golf that at times their personality takes a back seat to their golf. That’s why it’s nice to see Bubba Watson, Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan showcase their personality. Some of you may have seen a music video those 3 released a year ago called “Oh Oh Oh.” That video was so popular that they released a new one “2.Oh”.

Looking to cut some strokes from your scorecard? —It’s that time of year to start thinking about your where we can cut strokes off our handicap.  Besides a concentrated effort on fitness, the single biggest game improvement for me was when I decided to really improve my short game.  There were lots of things I did, but the one book that really opened my eyes tot eh short game was Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score (Dave Pelz Scoring Game)It’s more of a text book and will take some time to read because you will want to work on things he suggests.  Get the book now and drop your scores rapidly as you implement some of the teachings.

Want to weigh in on any of these topics? Do you have any items to add to the weekend watch? Leave a comment here (link to post)

Feel Great and Hittem’ Straight


P.S. This week we sent out a post to our Facebook and Google + communities–as well as you– asking which hat you guys preferred (If you would like to take a second look at the hats here’s a link to them: Facebook Hats–Which do you guys like better?). The response has been so popular that we’re looking at getting these hats available to you. We’ll be sure to notify you as soon as the hats are ready for you. 

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