March 1, 2013

Weekend Watch for March 1: Putting Controversy and Training with Chris Ownbey

Another Friday is upon us and another golf filled weekend is coming up. Well at least for us…not for Rory McIlroy…

With it being March 1 today that means that spring golf is just around the corner! While it may be a closer reality for you than me (it’s currently snowing…just flakes…but still) the countdown is on when all of us (especially us in the colder climates) can put all our offseason training to the first test of the year! It’s certainly an exciting time, but there’s still some offseason work to be done…

With that in mind, let’s get to the Weekend Watch:

Rory’s done for the weekend: Rory withdrew from this weekend’s tournament after 1 round and 8 holes claiming a tooth pain was bothering him. Read what ESPN writer Bob Harig had to write about Rory withdrawing from this tournament and what that means for him for the rest of the yearBob Harig’s take on Rory’s Withdrawal

Controvery on the Putting Green? Recently golfing associations across the world have favored a ban on anchored putting strokes–with a strong opposition from the United States Golfing Association and the PGA tour. What are your thoughts on anchor putting? Let us know by either replying to this email or leaving a comment on our blog here: Anchored Putting–Provide an unfair advantage or not?

Back at it with Chris Ownbey — Always entertaining and full of golf fitness knowledge, our friend Chris Ownbey was kind enough to spend some time with us. Obviously when 2 fitness guys get together you know what the main topic is going to be…. Watch what we had to talk about on our hangout this afternoon: Hangout with Chris Ownbey

Fucntional Movement Screens — Looking to self-assess your mobility and agility? Here’s a good article breaking down each mobility assessment complete with a scoring system.

If you’re looking to work on your mobility, or your overall golf fitness, Fitness For Golf has exercises and routines that will help you accomplish your fitness goals. Check out the Fitness For Golf Program here….

Fitness For Golf Program–Helping you Achieve Your Golf Fitness Goals

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