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Are You Like Me?

Do you want to hit longer straighter drives down the middle of the fairway every time?

Do you want a short game that is trusted even in the clutches of competition and laser focused putts that are stroked true even after 18 grueling holes of golf?

Are You Looking For that Ultimate Golfing Edge, that one unfair advantage to earn bragging rights from your buddies?


Most of all do you want to see your scores drop and your handicap go down up to 76% like mine did?

It’s simple, it’s easy and I guarantee it will work for you like it did for me….

This Ultimate Golfing Edge works for high handicappers and low handicappers.  It works for senior golfers and up and coming junior stars.  Lady golfers will benefit as will everyday hackers.

Now if you’re satisfied with your game and handicap, you can stop watching this video right here

But if you’re ready to get more enjoyment from the game by actually being really good… being able to hit those shots you used to think were “impossible”… and watching your handicap drop consistently …

I’d like you to join me for the next few minutes as I tell you how the Fitness for Golf program can help you get the ultimate golfing edge even if you have little time to practice and golf lessons are not really your thing.

I’m Mike Root owner of Fitness for Golf, and like you I am an avid passionate golfer who wants to play the best I can play given my physical abilities and golfer’s mindset.

For years I have been trying to crack the code on how to get my golf game to consistently perform at an optimum level.

It wasn’t until I discovered Fitness for Golf that I really began to understand the true shortcut to play the very best golf did not come from beating balls on the range.  The real secret to playing the very best golf was much more basic than that.

Since 2004, Fitness For Golf has taught thousands of golfers – everyone from casual weekend players to tournament contenders, juniors to seniors, first-timers just getting into the game to old hands – it has taught them all how to fundamentally improve their golf game using specially-designed, golf-specific fitness and exercise techniques

If you build a house, it needs to have a good strong foundation for the structure to sit on.  If you build your golf game to be the best that it can be, you need to have an overall level of fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and mental acuteness.

Fitness For Golf can help you build your bodies golf foundation.

These are easy exercises that focus specifically on improving your golf game – not bulking up muscles.

I’m talking about physical conditioning you do off the course that will fundamentally improve your skills, reducing your handicap and increasing your enjoyment of this great game

Being golf fit is being more than just being physically fit.  You’ll get help with the “mental” side of the game to increase your concentration and focus during key moments.

Golf fitness training like this is what the pros use to boost their performance

And they pay trainers thousands of dollars to tell them what to do

Today, I’d like to invite you to join them, without spending big bucks

But first let’s go over some of the specific ways your golf game will improve

You’ll learn how to:

Drive the fall farther down the fairway – and with more precision… by improving your spinal rotation

Gain greater control over your backswing… by loosening up your hips

Eliminate slices and hooks… by increasing flexibility in the shoulders with six precise stretches

Stay full of energy the whole time you’re on the course – and after… using simple exercises that build endurance

Not to mention feel and look great thanks to increased muscle tone and weight loss.

The secret to golf as with anything in life really is you have to have the right tools.  In the case of golf it means you have to develop a body that can maximize your golf swing.  Every pro gets results with a different golf swing and we are not here to change what works for you.  What we are here to do is help you get the best performance out of the swing you have through better golf fitness.

Let’s face it – golf is a physical game

To truly excel, to really enjoy your time out on the course and eliminate pain and frustration, you have to start acting like an athlete…

And that means training – physically and mentally

Luckily, the exercises you’ll find in the Fitness For Golf program won’t take up too much time in your busy schedule or leave you tired after exhausting workouts

You don’t need to be in good shape already to make these exercises work for you

And this isn’t about just “hitting the gym” and getting on all the machines

You could work out for months without seeing any improvement in your game, even if you worked with an on-staff personal trainer

That approach is too haphazard, and not focused enough on the special needs of golfers

Fitness for Golf has been specially-designed with you in mind.

These are workouts targeting specific areas of the body –

the muscles in particular that need increased strength

and flexibility to improve your game

You can even do them from the comfort of your own home if you prefer

And to make sure you get a program tailored to your needs, the first step is a physical assessment…

You’ll learn where your strengths are… and where you need the most improvement as part of your personalized program that will correct each individual problem you have

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty, a look behind the curtain of what is in this comprehensive online resource

Exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else, including articles and special reports, from professional fitness trainers

More than 80 specific golf fitness programs, exercises and stretches designed to target different elements of the game and your physical condition. There are over 500 pages of golf fitness content indexed so it’s easy to find what you are looking for.

New routines are added regularly to target your golfing muscles in unique ways.  You can choose from those to hit the ball farther, stretches to  build up your rotation, and there’s even travel exercises you can use when on the road with little or no access to a fitness center.

Videos laying out each exercise step by step, so there’s no question how to do it correctly – these are updated regularly so that you don’t get stuck doing the same exercise over and over again.

Fitness tools and resources that will help you optimize calorie intake, cardio conditioning, muscle building, and fat loss. You’ll also learn about injury prevention, sports psychology, and more

Nutrition information, including specific menus so you know what to eat and when to reach and maintain your goal weight.  If you ever feel yourself running low on energy on the last few holes, it could be as simple as what you eat in preparation for playing, and we’ll show you that.

All these resources are available 24/7 online on our members-only, password-protected site

In addition to the online resources you also will get notification twice a month of two special member only benefits.  Once a month you will get a new feature video from our Fitness For Golf Training staff that will delve deeper into a golf fitness workout to generate better golf performance.  You’ll embrace the golf fitness drill more readily once you understand why and how it will help improve your golf performance.

You will also receive a monthly golf fitness workout plan.  This plan is broken into four components that focus on key areas of the body that are important for golf.  We will send you a new plan every month so you don’t get bored with routine and you don’t continually train your muscles the same way all the time.  It is more productive to mix up the exercise routine so that your muscles are being challenged in different ways.  They will respond much better than if you fall in love with one routine over and over again.

One component of the workout will focus on legs making sure you have the strength for a solid swing foundation.  There are also drills and stretches for the hips to make sure you are flexible enough to open up properly and move your hips through the golf swing.

Another component of the workout focuses on chest and arms giving you upper body strength to hit the ball out of deep rough and to get the swing speed you need for longer drives.  This is not working on seeing how much you can bench press because that actually is counterproductive to upper body rotation.  We are not trying to have you bulk up but rather have you work the golf muscles to bring maximum swing performance.

The next component of the workout focuses on shoulders.  This goes directly into helping you make the very best turn of the club you can make.  This one area could be where I have had the greatest improvement in my game.  After exercising my shoulders, the rotation is vastly improved.  When done properly this also prevents injuries like rotator cuff issues so many golfers seem to get.

The final component of the workout will be on the back and abs.  This is to build the core strength.  The beauty of the work you do here is not only does it help your golf game, but it also will tone your body and in my case helped me lose inches off my waistline.

Not to Brag, but since I started putting this all together I have experienced some pretty excellent results…

I have endurance I never had before – not even in my early 20s – allowing me to not feel any fatigue after 18 holes, even in the grueling Midwestern sun

My rotation has increased by 10 degrees with just one drill I do – allowing increased torque on my swing without risk of injury or back spasms

My increased core strength has given me the ability to consistently drive more fairways in regulation

In one season with the training program at Fitness For Golf I have dropped my handicap by four strokes to its lowest level ever.  Now four strokes may not sound that great until you know I went from a 5 handicap to 1.2 — that’s a 76% reduction in one season.  I was a good golfer before but the Fitness For Golf edge represented the single biggest one season improvement in over 30 years of playing the game consistently.

Don’t just take my word on it.  Saibun, a new member from Indonesia wrote this endorsement after only 30 days on the program:  He said

“I love your Fitness For Golf Program.  It looks simple but has had a very high impact to my golf.  Presently, I play to a 6 handicap which is a goal I set 4 years ago. Based on my experience this last month following your Fitness For Golf program, I can say many golfers need you but may not understand how great your program is.

I am happy no one of my golf group knows about your Fitness For Golf membership. Presently I am a Human Capital Director in my company so I can only play on Saturday; no golf on weekdays.  My friends in the group of 16 golfers play 3 times a week but no one can beat me.

My golf foundation is stronger and My body is more flexible.

Now that’s what we like to hear!!!

The Fitness For Golf program is a compilation of years of testing and trying to find that secret sauce to get this ultimate golfing edge.  It is the compilation of various golf fitness trainers who work with amateur and professional golfers to focus on better golf through better fitness.

And if this is not enough, as a special bonus, you will also get an extensive video training collection from two PGA certified training instructors who have over 60 years combined experience teaching at top golf schools around the US.  They came together for an exclusive two day session with the sole purpose to present what they called Green To Tee.  It is an incredible compilation of scoring tips that is not available anyplace else except to our members.

If you were to buy the Green to Tee video collection separately it could easily cost $297.  But as part of a membership to Fitness For Golf, for a limited time you will get access at no additional charge.

This is the Ultimate Golfing Edge.  It’s Golf Fitness, Golf Tips and Golf Experiences and we are adding more content monthly.  I have invested thousands of dollars for golf fitness trainers to learn and understand the principles we share on the site not to mention training from top level golf instructors to apply these principles in a competitive golf game.

I love the game of golf and am passionate about helping others improve their game much like Saiban and other satisfied members.  Immediate access in a twelve month membership won’t cost you $1000 which in many fancy country clubs is just one month’s dues.  Nor will it cost you $500 which is the price to play one round at an exclusive course like Pebble Beach.  An annual membership won’t even cost you the $297 value of the Green to Tee Video series bonus.

No I wanted to make this information affordable and accessible to as many golfers as possible.  It has helped me tremendously and I want it to help as many people as possible.  For a limited time you can get an introductory 12 month membership including all the routines, all the videos, over 500 pages of golf fitness content not to mention monthly workout routines and monthly members only videos — Pus the Green to Tee training —all of this for the one time annual membership investment of only $96.  That’s just $8 a month – less than a sleeve of balls which you will lose on the first water hole.  A Fitness For Golf membership can be used over and over again to improve your game not to mention your health and wellbeing.

One last thing,

If you don’t see improvement in your game in 30 days, your membership fee will be refunded completely

There’s no risk to you at all.


If you want to hit longer straighter drives, surer putts, with lower average scores, better health and golf fitness even if you have no time to practice and golf lessons are not your thing, then click the link below and get started immediately on the path to playing your best golf with the Ultimate Golfing Edge — a membership in the Fitness For Golf community.

Thank you!!!!

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