Warning: raw, uncensored video demonstration
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Hi, my name is Mike Root, owner of Fitness For Golf. I was working out with my trainer today and had to shoot this quick video for you. We demonstrate a simple warm-up exercise to help you improve your swing rotation by up to 20 percent. It only takes 2 minutes to do and doesn’t require any equipment. (Please excuse the raw nature of the video) Here are the steps:

• Start by extending you arm straight in front of your body.

• Next, make a “thumbs up” sign with your hand.

• Keep you head straight and your eyes focused on your thumb.

• Move your arm as far to your side as possible.

• As you do this, be sure to keep your head straight and your eyes following your extended thumb.

• Advanced: Do the above exercise, but now move your head in the opposite direction of your arm, while still following your extended thumb with your eyes.

Do the exercise for 10 repetitions. As you saw in the video, this super simple little drill has helped me increase my rotation to hit the ball farther. I hope this simple exercise helps to improve your game.

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