October 24, 2011

Top Fat Loss Secrets For Better Golf

Here are some tips to help you lose excess body fat. These are proven techniques and will guide you through healthy and productive strategies to lose up to 2 pounds of fat each and every week. Losing body fat will make you look better, feel better and play an improved round of golf. Your swing will feel more fluid and your body, more athletic.

  1. Always keep a water bottle and drink from it often. Water is the drink of choice, not soft drinks.
  2. Think twice before deciding what to eat and why, making sure that it is healthy and will give the body good nutrition.
  3. Create a deficit with your food intake. Eat 300-400 calories less each day.
  4. Start the day with a well balanced meal.
  5. Keep a daily planner with the day`s actions written down in order to keep track of what needs to be done, what has been done, and what was not accomplished.
  6. Review each day at the end of the day to set tomorrow`s actions and plan. This includes your exercise and nutrition plan.
  7. Take daily vitamin and mineral supplements that support a healthy balance.
  8. Make long-term goals and a plan of how to achieve them, leaving nothing to chance.
  9. Focus on short-term goals with an emphasis on completing daily actions.
  10. Know when too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing.
  11. Take exercise to new levels.
  12. Get adequate amounts of sleep.
  13. Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into fitness.
  14. Strive to reach your dreams everyday.
  15. Do what the average person doesn`t want to do.
  16. Brush off criticism and don`t dwell on negative comments from others.




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