October 24, 2011

Top 10 Ways To Stay Motivated

1. Start slow and build momentum. Many beginners through enthusiasm and impatience end up doing too much, too soon, too frequently. The end result is injury,  exhaustion and frustration. All which lead back to where they started…lack of motivation Cut back on the intensity and slowly build towards your intended goal.

2. Schedule your workouts in advance. If you make an appointment with yourself, you are more likely to keep it. You wouldn’t consider canceling a doctor’s appointment at the last minute and a workout should be given the same consideration. If you plan in advance and write it down, you are more likely to keep the commitment.

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3. Morning workouts work best. Very few people jump out of bed first thing in the morning and rush to get that workout in. However, most people love the way it feels to get it done first thing before the day gets too distracting. You will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and begin your day on a very positive note. Set your alarm clock early and make it happen. You will have greater respect for yourself by doing this one thing for yourself.

4. Find positive ways to measure your progress. Look to how you feel, how your energy has improved and how happy you are in meeting your daily goals.  Exercise provides benefits in every area of your life, if you listen to the signs.

5. Keep a journal. This is a proven method of success in weight loss, sports performance and getting you to your goal in the quickest way. Always write down where you are and a clear vision of where you are headed. Each step will become clear from there.

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6. Try and remain positive.  Create positive messages about what you are doing and why it’s important. Don’t listen to the little voice that tries to throw you off base from time to time. Counteract with a positive message.

7. Just do it. Some days are chalked full of energy and enthusiasm and some days are not. Learn to work your plan regardless of your level of enthusiasm for that day. If you are not up for a long workout, don’t stress over it. Just get up and do it. Go through the motions and give what you can. This is a rewarding experience in and of itself because you are continuing to honor your goals.

8. Variety rules. Don’t be afraid to change your routine and your scenery. If you normally do one machine, try another. You may like running on the treadmill, try a nice fresh walk or run outdoors. Spice things up and keep them fresh. There is an indefinite combination of routines and exercises to experiment with.

9. Make it fun. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re unlikely to stay with it. Don’t do an exercise because someone insists you must in order to get to your goals. There are many ways to exercise and make progress. Make a list of activities you enjoy and incorporate them into your routine.

10. Train with a friend. If you must play a negative message, remember misery loves company.  Find a friend or group of work out buddies who have the same goals. Chances are they can help you through the tough days and you can provide the strength on others. Add a little competition to the mix and you may be surprised at what you can accomplish.



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