February 27, 2013

A Nutritional Key You Really Should Know For a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know that certain eating habits will negatively affect your health and potentially lead to severe life threatening cardiovascular diseases among other health risks. With so much at stake, you’d think eating healthy would be the goal for most people.

However the frenetic pace of life mixed with the convenience of alternative food and snack options catches up to us and “forces” us to choose the less than healthy option. And over time it really adds up…

I should know, it happened to me. Years of poor nutrition due to the demands of my business eventually caught up to me and provided me with an eye-opener. Without getting too caught up in the details, this eye opener forced me to change my nutritional ways and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Everything has improved: my health, stamina, and yes even my golf game is at an all time best!

The nutritional plan that I actively participate in–and highly recommend–is the Elimination diet. Our Fitness For Golf nutritionist Lisa Garrett introduced me to this and it has significantly changed the way that I look at food and meals.

The basic premise of the Elimination diet is to eliminate certain food groups that can cause allergic reactions so that you are only consuming the basic food groups (chicken, some fish, vegetables). Then after a certain period of time, you can slowly add more food groups back into your diet.

Through this process you’ll realize that there are some food groups that, although generically understood as “healthy”, you may be sensitive to them and should eliminate them from your diet.  The added side benefit of this program is that it emphasizes eating the right foods in moderation and that becomes much easier to do on a regular basis.

At the Fitness For Golf Member’s Kitchen there is much more information on the elimination diet and other healthy eating plans along with recipes for meals that are elimination friendly. You can find that by clicking the following link and typing in your username and password: Elimination Diet Meal Recipes.

The reason I thought about sharing this with you is because our elimination diet is very similar to the Mediterranean Diet. A major study just came out and found a Mediterranean Diet could cut the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular problems by up to 30% among high risk people.

If you have not heard about this study, the Wall Street Journal this morning published a synopsis of the Mediterranean Diet (Read: Wall Street Journal, Olive Oil Diet Curbs Strokes). This nutritional plan is heavy on using olive oils, fish, nuts (especially great for snacks) and even some wine (in moderation of course).

There are many other healthy nutritional plans that aim to boast overall health and reduce any health/disease risks. Tell us about some plans that you have personally participated in and the difference you feel on a daily basis over by clicking the “Leave a Comment” button above.

Hit ’em Straight and Feel Great
Mike Root



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