October 24, 2011

The Winning Mind, Part II

Managing the Thoughts and Emotions

Self-Awareness is the key to optimum performance. Just as the sports coach brings attention to the technical problems of the athlete, the “inner coach” must bring the same quality of attention to the thought processes and emotional states.

Without these abilities one often works from the position of “overload.” This sets the mind up for confusion, and difficulty in making quick, spontaneous, and right decision. This is where a good portion of the previously discussed 90% is lost.

When the focus is narrow and inward, the subconscious mind can not function. Stress chemicals are being produced at high levels, muscle tension is mounting, metabolism changes, and the brain is not well oxygenated.

As the athlete learns to become aware and observe the mind processes, the ability to release is developed. Again, one cannot release what one does not see or observe. The winning athlete knows himself well, and is on the alert for emotional states which are not skillful for him/her at that time.

Emotional states can be high charged chemical concoctions, interfering with all mind-body functioning.

Those athletes looking to get and stay at the top must be willing to face and work with the truth. If they frequently house an emotional state which is detrimental to their sport, awareness of this and immediate release is a vital part of practice.

The better one is trained in managing thoughts and emotional states, the more consistent one becomes in winning. Skill building in this arena is known as “awareness meditation” and precedes “interactive self- hypnosis”, or the ability to program the mind for improved consistent performance.

Often times these steps are excluded, and the individual becomes critical of the use of hypnosis.  The problem, in my experience, is not with the hypnosis, but with missing very important parts of the inner work, that of releasing muscle tension, managing thoughts and certainly emotional states.

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Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, SRN, CPH is a Clinical Medical Hypnotist, President& Program Designer for Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute located in Sarasota, FL & online at www.hypnosis-audio.com and www.sugar-addiction.com. She specializes in the management of stress& related disorders with her original programs of Interactive Self-Hypnosis & high level nutrition as applied to mind function.



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