August 20, 2012

The Nutritional Edge

Welcome to this weekly edition of Fitness for Golf newsletter.

Imagine….stepping up to that tee box and hitting a powerful explosive shot. Imagine each consecutive shot…played gracefully, consistently, and with elements of style and control. This newsletter is designed with the avid golfer in mind. Any golfer who seeks the truth in improvement and a basic understanding of the role the body plays in the golf swing. Join us each week as we explore the mystery of the swing and how to make it simple by creating strong, lean and powerful physiques guaranteed to change your game.


When energy on the course is running low, how many golfers look to their food choices as the possible culprit? Did you know that all carbohydrates are not created equal? By this I mean there are slow release carbohydrates, medium release and high release carbohydrates. If a golfer consumes a high release food just moments before teeing off, his energy typically peaks within 30 minutes. As they say, what goes up, must come down. It usually only takes up to 90 minutes before energy levels come crashing down and continue lower than where you started. So, which food is among the worst offenders…a white bagel. If top performance is important to you, this is one food you can afford to miss out on. So, what carbohydrate would be a better choice? Replace the white bagel with an apple for energy that will last.

Fitness for Golf offers nutritional advice to give golfer’s a competitive edge. Find out which foods help drive better performance.

Golfer’s Nutrition


Prehab Helps Prevent Rehab

Golfers of all levels should include a prehab program in their training. This type of program addresses total body balance with a focus on a golfers weaknesses. Imbalances of strength, coordination, and muscle stabilization can wreak havoc on a golfers game and lead to injury. Typical assessments include comparing left side to right, front to back and upper to lower body. A golfers prehab program should consist of core stabilization since this is the primary area most overlooked by golfers, yet has the potential to have the greatest impact on their performance.

Integrate exercise tools like a foam roll, balance boards, exercise balls and medicine balls to offer unlimited changes to a basic program. The goal of any prehab program is to avoid rehab. To learn more about physical assessment techniques for golfers, click here.

Golfer’s Assessments
Fitness for Golf is unconditionally committed to the performance enhancement of all golfers and all levels of play, male or female, 1 handicap or 30. Each golfer will have the opportunity to learn what is being taught at the most sophisticated and prestigious golf performance centers nationwide-only in the comfort of their own living space. We will serve as your leader in golf fitness education.

“It’s amazing how my weak areas are now growing stronger and allowing me to hit shots with far more accuracy and power, and much less effort.”
John Butcher, handicap 3



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