November 2, 2012

The Fitness For Golf Travel Exercise Routine

The Fitness For Golf Travel Exercise Routine First off I want to thank all of you who have gone over and checked out our new Fitness For Golf website this past week since we launched.  Many of you have signed up for the seven free videos, and I hope you are getting value out of those.  So thank you.

This week I am traveling all week and last night I was stuck in a hotel with only a treadmill and a stair master.  I thought this would be a perfect time to practice what I preach and check out the travel work out on the Fitness For Golf site. 

In the past I would be happy just to hop on one of the cardio machines and just go for an hour.  But if I want to continue to strengthen muscles used in the golf swing and increase my rotational abilities for longer drives, all cardio workouts do not do the trick.  Cardio is great for building stamina, but is not real helpful in the mechanics of the swing.

The problem with traveling is the equipment in hotel fitness centers is not always the best or non existent.  That means body weight exercises like push-ups, lunges, and squats are helpful along with stretches.

So this morning I did the fitness for golf traveling workout.  There was a set of four stretches done three times each.  Then a set of six body weight exercises done three times each.  Finally I ended up doing a half hour of a strenuous cardio routine on the stairmaster. 

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Same amount of time expended, one hour.  But now I did a complete fitness for golf workout.  Make sure when you are traveling to mix it up between stretching, exercise and cardio for a complete routine. If you would like to learn more about fitness for golf travel workouts as well as over 500 pages of premiere membership content, check out becoming a Fitness For Golf member at

Based on questions and feedback we have gotten about what is behind the curtain of the membership if you decide to join, we did an interactive video last week called “Welcome to Fitness For Golf” and posted it to the FitnessForGolfTV channel on YouTube. You can watch the entire video by clicking the link here:  


This article was written by Mike Root



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