November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Next week over Thanksgiving, my wife and adult kids are going to Las Vegas.  This is a first time event for us since we usually  stay close to home over this holiday.  And it is even more unusual because none of us are big gamblers or have much affinity to Vegas.

So you might wonder what is dragging us out there over the busiest weekend for travel and how does this relate to golf.  The first part is easy.  My beloved Creighton Bluejays basketball team, the number 13 team in the country right now, is playing a holiday tournament in Las Vegas.  My kids both graduated from there, and both said they were going to go for the weekend to watch the games.

My wife helped me decide it would be a good idea for us to also go to the tournament.  Of course after I bought the tickets, and made the reservations, I found out that my wife and daughter had the days already planned with a spa day and a shopping day at the outlet malls.  Leaving me with nothing to do during two days in Vegas.

Now you may see what this has to do with golf.  If I have a couple extra days in a town, playing a challenging course is a great way to meet new people.  As of today, I have reached out to my friend and Las Vegas based teaching pro Seth Glasco.  Seth has recommended a few courses and offered to help get me on them.  Unfortunately he has a student camp he is taching that weekend and is unavailable to join me.

Next I contacted my friends in the Creighton athletic office and they are putting together a list of folks they have heard might be wanting to play that weekend.  I’ll see if I can round up a game with any of them.

And of course the final option would be to go to one of the courses Seth has recommended and join up with a group as a single.  That’s what great about golf is you can enjoy yourself in any location, meet new people, share expereinces, and still finish in time to watch the basketball tournament.

My only concern is while I am off playing golf, my wife and daughter are going to be out shopping for Christmas presents.  If history is any guide, it will be like the government and taxes.  I keep one dollar I earn and they get one dollar I earn.  There will be one present for the tree and one present for them.  But I will still have a great time with two days of golf.  Now I have to get to work and figure where I am playing and who I will be playing with.

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Mike Root

PS.  If you happen to be in Vegas or know Vegas, post it below in the comments section.

PPS.  If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift before your wives and daughters go out and spend all the money on something you would never use, check out the Golf Peformance Chair in from the Pro Shop.  I gave our family this last year  (I actually gave it to myself, but my wife uses it more than I do now), and it was a terrific gift for everyone.

PPPS.   I almost forgot … Go Jays



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