August 20, 2012

Synchronizing Body And Mind Through Preparation

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Watching the Olympics brings out the best in all of us. These last two weeks in the gym, I had two clients commit to taking up swimming again after watching Michael Phelps in his quest for a record number of gold medals. Many women have renewed their quest for reduced body fat after watching the fabulous Volleyball team of Walsh and May. And what about those male gymnasts…they exude incredible strength, power, stamina, agility and any other positive physical or mental quality you could name. So, what is the main quality all Olympic athletes have in common…you guessed it…a true desire to excel along with sheer discipline. Are all of these qualities so different from golf?

So far, the most impressive event I’ve seen is when they showed the men’s all around gymnastic medal round. We all watched Paul Hamm fall into the judge’s table and most of us went to bed thinking his best hope was a bronze medal. Imagine our surprise when we woke up to the headlines of a gold medal. Try and imagine preparing and training your body, mind and soul for 4 solid years in anticipation of winning a single event. Then, on the magic day, having such a catastrophic event occur. Can you possibly imagine how deep Paul had to dig internally to pull out a stellar performance next to this tragedy?

The way I see it, it’s exactly like golf. Any of us could be having a perfectly decent round of golf and due to a series of catastrophic events…think water, trees, lost balls, etc….and happen upon an 8 or 9 on any given isolated hole. It takes a true champion to move past this situation into the next hole. I will try and keep Paul’s mental fortitude in the back of my mind as I play my next few rounds of golf as an example of how important it is to stay mentally focused.

Yes, I know I got off on a tangent, but in honor of the Olympic spirit, I bring this week’s tip on synchronizing body and mind through preparation. It’s another great article from our strategic partner, Dr. Joseph Parent, the author of Zen Golf, mental coach to Vijah Singh and other noted tour players. He is considered one of the top mental experts in his field.



Synchronizing Body and Mind through Preparation

Preparation is the first stage of the PAR Approach. The key factors in preparation are the three C’s: clarity, commitment, and composure. Clarity is having a vivid image of the shot you intend, both the target and the path the ball will take to get there. Commitment is being free from second-guessing, doubt, or hesitation. Composure is being calm and focused, poised and at ease. These are what you need to be properly prepared to play a shot. The material in this section progresses through these concepts, helping you make the three Cs part of your game. When you do, they’ll add up to the most important C of all Confidence. “

“When body and mind are synchronized for a golf swing, they are unified in purpose, presence, and focus. They are functioning in the same place at the same time.

The following tip was a selection from “Zen Golf, Mastering the Mental Game” by Dr. Joseph Parent (part 2, page 33). Published by Doubleday, You can visit Dr. Parent’s website at
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Olympic Trivia

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