November 15, 2012

So you Think YOU Feel Pressure???

That was one of the most thrilling and captivating victories I’ve seen on tour in years. Charlie Beljan gets his first win. It’s not that it was his first win that’s so amazing but how it all unfolded…

Charlie was completely panic stricken through the virtually the entire tournament. On day two he was being followed by medics and had to stop several times for shortness of breath and thoughts he was going to die! Imagine that.

But get this, he HAD to keep playing because the Disney event, that’s the even the was playing in, is the last official event of the year and he was outside the top 125 money list. This meant he would not get his tour card unless he cracked the top 125. He was sitting at about 163.

But that round, round 2, when he was suffering sever panic attacks he shot a 64! Are you kidding me?! Ok, we’ve all had some nerves before and many of you probably have had some performance anxiety that really hurt your play. But have had a panic attack before? And if so were you even able to cope with the moment let alone play golf at te highest level!?

To say watching him close out that tournament while holding the lead after day two was exciting is a huge understatement. I play golf, I coach the mental aspects of the game to players and I love the game. His victory says so much about character, commitment, complete connection with a dream and a willingness to experience trauma at a level I’ve not seen before.

Ask yourself this question: What is the worst moment on the golf course I’ve ever had? Wait for an answer. It’s not something I want you to dwell on but notice what your worst time was. I can assume, with the high degree of certainty, that it wasn’t anything like playing through sever panic attacks, with cameras all over you analyzing every step and every shot, having to win or top 5 to get your card. All the while feeling like you’re going to die…

Now my comments here and recommendation for you and your game will not get me any awards. In fact it will be the most basic cliche’d comments i’ve ever made as a mental game coach. Here it is…

Suck it up! Seriously, there are times in life where you need to find out who you are and we all know that golf provides many opportunities to do just that. But do you really dig down inside and find that place where you just connect with something that gives you a resolve that perhaps you’ve never experienced before on the golf course.

So you have a bit of nerves on the first tee. So you feel some pressure standing over a big putt. So what. That’s part of the game. I work with players to learn new ways to experience all these moments but after watching Charlie Beljan last week I felt it was time for some old time coaching. Suck it up. Dig down and find who you are. Once you do you’ll never look back and you’ll have reached a new place within yourself and your game. 

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Wade Pearse

Creator of the Whole Mind Golf Mental Game Coaching system that integrates both the left and the right brain hemispheres. His processess and numerous mental exercises dramatically improve the performance and enhances a player’s connection with their natural game and deepest potential. By applying his methods you stop playing half-brained golf and finally unlock your mind and lower your scores. To learn more about Wade’s training program visit him at Golf Mental Game Coach*

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