July 26, 2012

Proper Warm Up Before the Round Saves the Day

Do you know of any sport where the athletes do not warm up before playing?  Baseball players stretch and then take batting and infield practice. Basketball players stretch, then do lay ups followed by a shoot around. Ski racers stretch, then ski a few runs, then walk the course and then stretch again before the race.  What do all these sports have in common?  Stretching!

Golf is a sport, and we are athletes too. But most golfers do the opposite, they hit balls to warm up, when we all know we should warm up before hitting balls….

Golf stretching exercises, performed consistently and properly will increase your range of motion and power, lubricate your joints, activate your CNS and sharpen your senses; ultimately… it will improve your game!

However there are different types of golf stretching exercises and which one you perform, and when, makes a significant difference…

Most people have heard of the two types of stretching: Static stretching and dynamic stretching. But the question is which one is the best to do before we play around of golf? And why?

Static stretching – (where you hold the stretch, breath and release) is great for increasing your flexibility. But more and more research is showing that static stretching before a sport that involves powerful movements (such as the golf swing) can negatively affect performance. When we perform static stretching the muscles are lengthened, the brain is not able to understand this change, so when we try to hit the golf ball after static stretching the brain will not notice the stored information such as a trunk rotational, golf swing.  Simply put, this type of stretching reduces how powerfully you can contract your muscles and so potentially, how far you can hit the ball.

The second type of stretching is called dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is when you stretch the targeted muscles without stopping, moving in and out of the stretch position until you loosen up getting your body ready for movement. This continuous movement allows the brain to monitor the changing length of the muscles to recognize arms, shoulders, turn follow through.

Remember: If you fail to warm up properly you are setting yourself up to fail when you play. Use the mentality of a professional athlete: make and take the time to warm up for peak performance and better scores.

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The fastest way to improve your game is to prepare your body for golf – it only takes 5-minutes!


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 This article was written by Chris Ownbey

Certified Golf Fitness Instructor 

Golf Fitness Instructor Chris Ownbey is Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), and is the Director of Golf Fitness for Golden Bear Golf Center at the Highlands in Dallas, TX. 

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