October 24, 2011

Pain In The Elbow, Forearm, Lower Back, Wrists Or Any Other Physical Injury Which Prevents You From Completing Your Swing

It is not any fun to play a round of golf when pain either inhibits your performance or simple pleasure of the game. Golf injuries are very common and can occur during the round or shortly thereafter. Of course, the types of injuries can vary from low back pain, to elbow and forearm injuries, wrist discomfort or shoulder pain. It is very important to try and establish the reason for the injury or pain. It can be due to poor swing mechanics, poor posture or muscle imbalances. Short and tight muscles contribute to a host of swing faults.

  1. Go to the assessments section and get a re-evaluation of any short and tight muscles. Take corrective action with exercises and stretches when you find tight areas. If you understand your physical restrictions, you can manage and prevent future injuries. Remember that when your body has a tight area it is likely to find compensation somewhere else. Get to the root of any restrictions first and foremost.
  2. Take some time to review the Golf Injuries section. See if you can identify the nature of the injury and begin taking steps to take care of it. This advice should never take the place or advice of a qualified physician.

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