October 24, 2011

Mission Statement

Fitness for Golf is dedicated to the health, well being and performance of golfers worldwide. We believe that by enhancing one’s physical abilities and areas of focus including strength training, flexibility, stamina, stability and nutrition, we can change the outcome of the golf swing for each individual. We will strive to establish a precedent for the future of golf performance everywhere. We will offer the most advanced and comprehensive fitness related information for golf available on the internet today. Powerful golf performance begins with a strong powerful body. Our goal will be to educate golfers on the optimal functioning of their bodies in the golf swing.

We are unconditionally committed to the performance enhancement of all golfers and all levels of play, male or female, 1 handicap or 30. Each golfer will have the opportunity to learn what is being taught at the most sophisticated and prestigious golf performance centers nationwide-only in the comfort of their own living space.

Our Vision For the Future
Fitness For Golf aims to change the focus of golfers away from the notion that golf is a simple leisure activity with little physical requirements. In fact, just the opposite is true. Golfers are athletes and golf itself is explosive in nature. To hit the ball far, you must produce the maximum range of motion and force in the joints at the hips, spine and shoulders. Golf can and will produce injuries in an unfit, tight and ill-prepared body. However, a few simple changes can improve the enjoyment and performance of golfers at every level. We will serve as your leader in fitness education as it relates to golf in bringing the information you need most.












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