March 12, 2013

March Madness Begins

This week Tiger Woods dominated the Blue Monster, Doral. As much as I love golf, I took the weekend off. I was with my family and 5000 plus other Creighton Bluejay fans in St. Louis cheering on our basketball team to a Missouri Valley championship and an automatic birth in the NCAA basketball tournament that starts in ten days.

As I watched three rounds of basketball there were definite similarities in the champion basketball players that champion golfers also exhibit. We are very fortunate to have an All American, Doug McDermott, playing for our team. Watching him three days in a row brought to mind similarities in a top performing golfer athletes.

First of all to be a top performing player, the good ones are fit for the game. In basketball they run up and down the court, they have to have physical strength to battle for rebounds or to get a shot to go down while being contested by the other team. In golf, we believe if you have the right fitness training you will improve your game gaining better rotation, longer straighter drives and lower scores.

Second, the All American Doug McDermott in the first round had an average game of over 20 points scoring and he had a wonderful performance of 41 points in the semi finals. In the finals, the other team decided he was not going to beat him since he had a huge game against them the last time the teams met. Doug had to work hard for 14 points but found other ways to help the team including rebounds, assists, and drawing extra attention from the opponent allowing his teammates one open looks. In golf, we have days where nothing spectacular happens and we shoot around our average. We have days where everything goes in and the game is easy like Doug’s 41 points. And then we have days where there is never a good bounce and we have to try and figure out how to finish the round with the least amount of damage. The competitors never give up but keep fighting for every stroke.

Third, the reason Doug is so good is because he has an uncanny sense of touch and feel for the game. Being a coach’s son (yes he plays for his dad which is really cool), he grew up with the game and an understanding of what it took to be successful at basketball. In golf, the sense of touch and feel is critical to low scoring. The short game and putting is where the strokes are won and lost. If you can develop a sense of feel for a 20 yard chip or the touch to regularly make a 20 foot putt, you will be successful.

As a special game for our Fitness For Golf community, we have made special arrangements to run a NCAA bracket pool. You can compete against other members to see who’s the best basketball picking hoopster. And we have put over $1000 of prizes together for the winners including the first place prize of two tickets to a day in the Members tent at the 2013 Senior Open played at the Omaha Country Club the week of July 8.

Go here to register and when the brackets are announced fill them in and maybe you’ll win. I’m going to pick my beloved Creighton Bluejays to go a long way and I’m sure you have a favorite team as well.

Fitness For Golf March Madness Challenge

Enjoy March Madness and Go Jays!!!

Mike Root



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