November 29, 2012

Lacrosse Balls

Many of you I’m sure have heard of the sport lacrosse. Today we’re going to be using the little rubber balls they use to break up the little adhesions that prevent you from experiencing a full golf swing.

In our shoulders, there are adhesions that restrict the shoulder’s movements and prevent you from smoothly and fully making a solid golf swing. By using these golf training exercises with the lacrosse balls you will be able to experience great rotational ability and a smooth and complete golf swing.

In the first exercise, we’re using 2 lacrosse balls tied together and, laying on our back, we’re going to roll on the two balls. It’s important to make sure that the the lacrosse balls are staying in the thoracic spine area (the upper spine). That’s the area that we really want to open up for maximum rotation.

The next exercise we’re going to use a single lacrosse ball and focus on each shoulder individually. After some time rolling around on the lacrosse ball be sure to test your arm’s range of motion.

We’re going to finish up today by stretching out the scaly muscles on the side of our necks. If you have a trusting partner, you can even take this stretch a bit further.




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