June 18, 2013

Junior golf fitness

Here at fitness for golf  we have come to realize that the more time you take before your child gets into golf fitness exercising, it becomes harder to train them to get the perfect golf swing. Putting more emphasis on fun golf exercises and activities, juniors need to undergo through a series of fitness exercises  challenging them mentally and physically.

Most parents and guardians often ask our golf trainers what the appropriate age is suitable for children to start golf training exercise and our answer has always been that it is never too early to start training. For any golfer be it a junior or a senior is to attain the desired golf swing and hold the golf club correctly requires strength, flexibility and body control. Since juniors are starting out golf training, when in the gym emphasis should be put to make sure that not heavy weight lifting is done but just some basic exercises training exercises for golf.

Here are some three basic golf training exercise that should get juniors started:

Inclined Push-Up

inclined push upThis type of push-up exercise is meant to strengthen the upper body and  improve on core stability. Improved upper body strength is needed to a requirement to improve your golf swing.


What to do: 

1. Place your hand on the bench and align your hands with your chest.

2. Bend your elbows to maintain neutral alignment of the spine and engage your abs and glutes.


Single Leg Deadlift


This golf fitness exercise is to challenge your balance, core stability, hip and upper body strength. In the long run it will help you generate more power and strength in the downswing by helping you transfer energy through the body.

What to do:

1. Begin in a tall standing position and engage your core, hinge from the hips, extend back with elevated leg.

2. At the top, your body will look like a “T” with your shoulders and leg elevated parallel to the ground.

Pistol Squat


A triple flexion, unilateral or single-leg exercise to increase core stability and improve balance. This exercise will help balance, stability, weight transfer and power.

What to do:

1. Grab a kettle bell and extend arms at chest level.

2. Stand on one leg, squat on your single leg as far down as you can go while maintaining good control of movement.

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