October 24, 2011

Increase Your Drive Distance Every Time You Do This Stretch

Drive distance is significantly increased when a golfer is able to create “coil” in their backswing. The degree to which a golfer can separate his shoulder turn from the turn in his hips is called the X factor. For example, if in the backswing you rotate your hips 40º and your shoulders 90º, the difference of 55º is your “X Factor”.

One method to increase power is to generate a larger difference in the degree of turn between your hips and shoulders, thereby increasing the “coil” of your upper body. Ideally, we want our shoulders to rotate 90º from the address position to the top of the backswing. It is our goal to accomplish this with a minimal rotation of the hips. The reduced amount of hip turn means the hips now have to rotate less in the downswing to clear or open through impact. This our hands and arms to move through the hitting zone properly.

Here is one of the most important stretches you can do to increase your shoulder turn relative to your hips. Perform this stretch on a regular basis and you will see a dramatic boost in your drives.

Trunk Rotation Stretch

  • Place arms out to your sides and just below shoulder level
  • Bring knees vertical above your hips
  • Slowly rotate your knees to the ground on the opposite side
  • Pay special attention to your shoulders. If you are tight in your spine, your shoulders will want to lift off the ground. So, only go as far as you can rotate without a shoulder lift.
  • Hold on each side for 5 seconds then rotate to opposite side

Modified Trunk Rotation Stretch

  • Extend right leg straight out while extending arms straight out to each side
  • Bend left knee and rotate over across extended leg
  • Take right hand and apply a small of amount of tension against your bent knee
  • Hold each side for 5 seconds then rotate to opposite side



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