October 24, 2011

Inability To Get Much Separation Between Hip And Shoulder Rotation (X-factor)

All golfers are aware of the concept of shoulder versus hip rotation and its role in the golf swing. It is this separation that creates torque or coil at the top of the backswing and which then releases the true power in your swing. There isn’t a golfer alive who doesn’t enjoy this feeling of power as the ball is struck just right. Interestingly, this is an area where upon physical examination of several hundred golfers there is a clear lack of full spinal rotation amongst many golfers. This is also a physical area where once normal spinal rotation is restored, a new golfer is released and one without back pain. Remember the golf swing puts enormous stress on the spine and if your body is either too tight in the spine or lacks strength and endurance it is an easy place for injuries to occur. You can see immediate changes in your golf game when you achieve a better separation between hip and shoulder rotation. Here’s how…

  1. Trunk Rotation
  2. Supine Russian Twist

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