October 24, 2011

Impact Position – Front & Back View

Please click on any of the muscle group descriptions below to view the recommended stretches for the selected muscle(s).

IMPACT position – FRONT view
Pectoralis Major:
Aids in club swing
External Oblique:
Stabilization. Pulls shoulders towards hips. Rotation
Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus:
Return from wrist cock
Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis:
Return from wrist cock
Arm extension
Isometric contraction
Internal Oblique:
Trunk rotation
Rectus Abdominis:
Lateral weight shift
Hip motion towards target
IMPACT position – back view
Teres Minor/Infraspinatus:
Shoulder stabilization
External rotation
Erector Spinae:
Trunk rotation
Gluteus Minimus:
Hip abduction
Lateral weight shift
Hamstring Group:
Hip rotation. Hip extension
Push off during weight change
Stabilization of lower leg
Internal rotation. Movement of non-target arm
Latissimus Dorsi:
Internal rotation
Movement of non-target arm
Quadratus Lumborum:
Trunk side bend
Gluteus Medius:
Rotation to target with non-target leg



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