August 20, 2012

How Training For Golf Can Be Very One-Sided!

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This week I’d like to introduce you to a subject few are familiar with and, even less, use as part of their training plan. Welcome to the world of “unilateral” training or working one side of the body for the benefit of both.


How Training for Golf Can Be Very One-Sided!

Unilateral Training Has Bilateral Benefits

Research has suggested that resistance training on only one side of the body yields strength benefits to the opposite side. Following 22 separate research studies, there is further support of this theory.

Research documentation shows that when only one limb was trained, the opposite limbs strength increased as well. The study revealed strength increases of approximately 8% in the untrained limb, compared to the trained limbs increase of slightly more than 20%. This amounts to about a 35% improvement in strength compared to the improvement of the trained limb. Comparing isometric and dynamic training effects, the data suggests no significant differences. This trend exists for both the upper and lower body.

This kind of information has great value for rehabbing an injured limb, or helping one side catch up to the other. By training hard on the uninjured side, the injured limb can still get strength benefits. Or by training the weaker side more, one is not totally neglecting the stronger side.

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It is understood that we all have stronger and weaker sides of our body. Unilateral training forces the weaker side to catch up to the stronger one. Muscle imbalances play a major role in creating injuries as well as compensations in the golf swing. Here are more benefits to unilateral training.

  • Improves whole-body coordination
  • Recruits stabilizing muscles, including the core
  • Promotes body-part symmetry
  • Decreases muscle imbalances and risk of injury
  • Enhances functional and golf-specific training

J. Munn & S.C. Gandevia, Contralateral effects of unilateral resistance
training: a meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Physiology 96:1861-1866, 2004



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What role does an optimal functioning body play in trying to achieve an optimal swing?

Answer: It plays an integral role in not only achieving an optimal swing but also creating repeatable and efficient motion so that one can score. If you are hurt or have joints that are not stable, there will be restrictions in the golf swing and compensations created in order to hit the golf ball. Compensations are very rarely repeatable so another compensation will be created in order to make the first one work and it turns in to a vicious cycle that makes swinging and scoring tough.

Answer provided by Jennifer Yockey, Teaching Professional,
LPGA T&CP Member and CHEK Golf Biomechanic.



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