November 28, 2012

It Was a Great Sports Filled Weekend

As I mentioned last week, my Thanksgiving was spent on a road trip to Las Vegas. We watched the hometown hero Creighton Bluejays men’s team win a Las Vegas basketball tournament by beating two power conference teams: Wisconsin and Arizona State. The Bluejays improved their ranking this week to #11 in the country. Still lots of basketball to be played, but keep an eye on them when March Madness rolls around.

On another sporting note, most of the media world has rediscovered my alma mater, Notre Dame and their football team as #1. More importantly for the University, this is the first time in history that the same school holds the title as #1 football team and #1 school for graduation rates. Notre Dame is more proud of the second accomplishment, but heading to the BCS championship game isn’t all that bad either.

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The reason I bring up these two non-golf sport events is to point out that there are lots of other entertainment distractions that fight for our time that we might otherwise be spending on a golf course getting our games better. Especially at this time of year when the weather begins to turn towards winter in the States, football is ramping down and basketball is ramping up, golf takes a bit of back seat to other sports.

But for me this is the time of year I look to getting that extra edge a golf fitness program can bring. There are two major reasons why the next 60 days can really set you on course for golf success in 2013

First, the next 30-60 days will bring all kinds of temptations in the form of overindulgences in the holiday season. Food, drink, cookies and appetizers will all be prevalent and ripe for the taking at Christmas parties. For me I know I will not be as faithful to diet, and as strict as I would like to be. However, the one thing I can control is to make sure I still do my daily fitness workouts and golf stretches. That way when I go on my next golf trip or I start thinking seriously about playing golf again in the spring, I do not have as much work to do to get back in shape.

The added benefit of working out during the holiday season is when I have a little extra calorie intake, I know I have to work that much harder to keep in shape. I think twice about the extra cookie or holiday eggnog because I know just how tough it will be to get rid of the pounds.

Don’t wait for a New Years Resolution to start a golf fitness routine. Work the next couple of months on developing a fitness plan that leads to a healthier lifestyle and a better golf game. And of course if you would like some ideas on what to do, check out



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