October 24, 2011

Got Touch?

Many amateurs have a tough time gauging long distance putts. Long putts are difficult as a rule but even more so when not practiced.

Set-up is, as always, important. Getting yourself positioned in good posture, grip in the palms and facing each other. Set your sternum slightly behind the ball in order to get a better feel for the line and to allow the putter to swing on plane.

In addition to the drill below, make a habit of pacing off your putts during practice and during the round. The more familiar you are with how far 30, 40 and 50 feet actually are, the more likely you are to have success.

So, the next time you have 15 minutes, head to the putting green and play the “ladder game.”

Place 15 balls the distance you want to work on from the fringe. The goal is to “build a ladder” from the fringe back to you. Putt the first ball to the fringe, the next just short of the first, etc… As you become more proficient, the balls are to be strung closer and closer together. When you “miss”, begin again. Play three times trying to beat your former score.

By building the ladder you are not only working on a specific distance to the fringe but also learning how to “die” putts in to the hole or in this case closer to the ball you hit previously.

Jennifer Yockey, Teaching Professional, LPGA T&CP Member, CHEK Golf Biomechanic



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