June 6, 2013

Golf training regimen!

Golf training regimen

It has become routine for most golf trainers to administer what we refer to here at fitness for golf as a complete “golf training regimen”. These include golf stretching, core exercises for golf, cardio and lifting weights for golf training. This golf training program is meant to be intense and requires maximum focus in order to achieve the expected target of a perfect golf swing. Let’s look at this golf training regimen in detail.

1. Golf stretching routine

Before hitting any balls or start any golf related activity, we strongly advocate for a full series of golf workout and stretch routine to get your started.  That is why we have developed a list of golf stretches that is fundamental to any golf training program. There are so many stretches to choose from but we encourage you to start off the day with those routes that are simple and work your way up to the advanced and more cardio in nature.

Cardio can be peaceful and a good way to get focused throughout the  entire workout, this will also build up your endurance and helps deliver oxygen to the muscles which is a great setup to get ready for the next step of the golf training regimen.



2. Golf weight training

Usually the golf weight-training program is basically designed for balance, control and endurance. The lifting is to enhance general body strength. Like any sport, golf requires body symmetry.  Working on your golf strength is important for improving your golf swing. We have developed a wide range of golf strength work out routines that you should check out here.

The reason behind the golf weight training is to improve your strength to crush a golf ball but not for developing big muscles.  Start with something small and make sure you don’t strain yourself, then you can keep on adding weights whenever your body gets used to that weight then you can go ahead and challenge yourself for more.

With our golf muscle stretch routines  work on all of my muscle groups, but there are a few areas that need extra focus. For a  variety of experiences, use a mix of weights and isometric training but be careful not to overstress any muscles and whenever the muscles ache, stop that routine.


3. Golf flexibility training

Golf flexibility training is a major component of this training regimen, actually it could not complete with out it. Here at fitness for golf, our aim is entirely to keep you fit for golf and we have a vast collect of free golf fitness and flexibility routines and free golf training videos that you can access on this site so access our vast collection of golf fitness exercises to be able to release a powerful swing. Set aside  up to 30 minutes of stretches before each workout because core strength is just as important as flexibility for golfers.



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