June 3, 2013

Golf training aids for your fitness

Golf training aids for your fitness

In this era where everyone is getting fit for golf  to obtain the perfect body strength to achieve the best golf swing, there are various golf training aids that I have found helpful in this quest. Having these training aids for golf will be helpful in your golf fitness training both in the comfort of your home and on the golf course. Remember, you golf have to own all these golf training aids in order to max your golf fitness and have the required golf swing, just have what you think will be beneficial in your situation.


Golf trainer ball:

You can use this ball to focuses on core stabilizers, golf flexibility exercise and efficient muscle regeneration. We have a set of golf exercises that we have detailed in our golf fitness training series that you can take advantage of free of charge.

Grip Strength  Exerciser:

With this device each finger can be exercised separately with the fact that it easily fits into your hand.  Improvement your ball striking and learn the vital role of grip strength for distance, club speed and control and offers simple grip adjustments to correct hooks and slices. Strong hands, wrists and forearms are key to your best swing.


Golf dumbbells:

For a dynamic total body exercises for golf , you can perform most of your golf fitness exercises with a pair of dumbbells. Gripping your dumbbells in all routines will train your body to gain more strength and enable you do more powerful golf swing off the tee and a more stable swing around the greens.

dumbbells for golf

A golf Putting Mat:

After all the golf training exercises you have gone through, it is finally time to have see the fruits of your labor. A golf putting mat is a practicing device that will allows you to work on your stroke indoors, you can have in in your office or at home and observe your  improving ability to hit a straight putt.

putting mat

That’s all the exercises we have for today, we will be reviewing more in the future, or you can let us know your favorite golf work out aids and share with us.



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