June 27, 2013

Golf Swing Speed

Every golfer is looking to improve their golf swing strength, distance to cover and golf swing speed in a search for longer drives.  Unfortunately, many golfers are looking in the wrong places and are ending up doing all the wrong stuff to increase the golf swing speed.

Always remember that your body dictates your golfing ability and however much you try there is just no way around it. Just like all  athletes,  there is no is no athlete who doesn’t work out to prepare for a great performance.

By getting involved in Golf weight training exercises is one of the fastest way to improving your golf swing speed and power off the tee. Combining the golf strength of your lower body, core and upper body is an approach that will give you results rapidly.

Here at fitness for golf we have some effective golf exercise we recommend to help you improve your swing speed. This is a golf strength exercise that combines the power in your lower body with the core rotational movement needed to achieve the maximum golf swing speed and distance that is required. try out the following step.

Step 1: Begin in a standing position with your arms straight and hanging down in front of you, holding your dumbbell.

Step 2: Then step forward with one leg and rotate your upper body to that same side, holding your dumbbell chest high the whole time.

Get a high Speed Pocket in the 3- through 7-irons works with an advanced, ultra-thin face design to promote consistently high ball speed and distance.

Step 3: Repeat step one but this time with your other leg to make a cycle.

Step 4: Repeat this cycle for about 12 times for 2 sets.

Consistency  with this golf exercise is paramount, you will certainly see improvement in your golf swing speed, strength and distance as time goes on. It should not take long to begin observing good results.



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