May 30, 2013

Golf swing exercises

Golf swing exercises:

On the golf course everyone wants to learn how to golf swing and achieve the perfect golf swing, that’s why here at fitness for golf we find it very important that you improve your golf swing through the basic golf fitness exercises that we offer for free. Like in all our impervious posts, we advocate for the proper golf warm up exercise and golf work outs before you can proceed to improving your golf swing.

You should know that the strength to have that proper golf swing comes from your stomach and not your arms; therefore it is important to look at our golf fitness work outs for each muscle before we continue with this routine. Your torso needs to be strong and more flexible in order to keep up the rotational power to help you to hit the shots easily by adding these simple drills into your daily golf workout routine.

lifting with your back

First let’s start with some golf flexibility exercises:

Golf Twist

Start the exercise by stand in a golf-address position with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, and then place your full weight on the inside of each heel. Using both hands hold a 5-pound medicine ball or dumbbell which ever you want at the central to your chest, keep your elbows extended out to your sides. Make sure you keeping your head still and your feet flat, hen bring the ball up and to the left, as in a back swing, until your right shoulder is underneath your chin. Go back to the starting position and now restart your exercise to your right.

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Golf Squat

With this exercise, you just need to squat down like you do normally, the difference will be when you are coming up from the squat. When coming up, fully turn to one side such that you are clearly facing that side when coming up. Then squat again and this time when coming up rotates to the other opposite direction. That makes one complete repetition so repeat the exercise up to ten times.

Russian Twist

Another exercise is the Russian twist which we have already covered here, so check it out.

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