August 19, 2012

Golf Specific Weight Training

Last time we went over your golf fitness workout plan called System 4-15 G.  With System 4-15 G, you will be using training methods specifically designed to improve your golf game. If you follow this program you will increase your core strength, improve your flexibility, increase your endurance and lose a little around the middle and improve how your body functions both on and off the golf course.

Neoprene Dumbbells 3lb


The first 5 to 15 minutes Dynamic Stretching is performed.

The Second 5 to 15 minutes we focus on Golf Specific Weights.

Then we move to 5 to 15 minutes of Core, Balance and Stability exercises.

And we finish with 5 to 15 minutes of Static Stretching

Previously we covered the dynamic stretch called “Stick turns”

Next we move to 15 minutes of Golf Specific Weights.

I get asked quite often what are the most important muscles used in the golf swing.  My answer comes is that there is not just one single muscle that starts the backswing, the downswing, impact, and follow through. Research has shown that the brain, which operates the muscles, thinks in terms of “muscles” and “movements.” To be functional, exercises should be designed for a specific purpose. Training for golf is not about body shaping or aesthetics but about training the correct movements of the golf swing. Unfortunately, bodybuilding magazines and equipment manufacturers have influenced many people how to exercise. This is very misleading for athletes in other sports. What the body requires in golf and most sports, is not bulky biceps and massive chest but functional movements vs. unilateral, lengthening vs. shortening and tightening.


Here is a functional exercise to add to your current program.

Put a weighted ball or dumbbell between your feet (weight varies upon your level).  Feet will be a little more that shoulder width apart. The arms will hang inside the knees palms facing each other. Grasp the ball. (Be sure to use hip joints and squat down to the ball. Do not bend from the waist to pick it up).  Just like the form for squats, the head should be up, the hips back and down, and the back flat. UPWARD MOTION Lift ball by extending hips and knees to full extension pull shoulders back at top of lift then curl the ball to the chest. From there press the ball overhead to overhead press. Lower the ball back to curl position. Set stabilize in a six iron posture (hip joints vs. knee joints), now turning with your torso, rotate through a complete a backswing then back to the full follow through position, come back to address. Curl the arms back down. The head should be up, the hips down, and the back flat, squat and lower ball to ground. This combination is one complete one rep. Repeat 10reps 3times with a 1 minute break after each 10 reps.

Tune in next week as we go over a great beginner core exercise we call “rollouts”.

Committed to your golf & fitness success,

This article was written by Chris Ownbey

Director of Golf Fitness at Golden Bear Golf Academy in Carrollton, TX and the Winstar Golf Academy, and the owner of the Institute For Golf Fitness.  Chris is also a Titleist certified golf specialist.  When it comes to Golf Performance, Chris Ownbey has for many years trained golfers, teaching them the secrets to increased strength, greater flexibility and better health. And here’s the great news for you…With the Ultimate Golf Fitness Performance his “online golf fitness system”- the secrets are now available in person or in the privacy of your own home.  For Online golf performance visit for 3 Free Golf fitness Workouts.  If you would like to reach out to Chris directly call 214-457-9684.



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