June 4, 2013

How Golf Can Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Golf is a very unique sport. Hitting the links is hard to compare with anything else due to the contrasting benefits the game offers. While it’s often intensely competitive, it’s also relaxing to walk about with friends in a tranquil environment.

The required focus, physical demands and patience of golf make it a multidimensional activity that naturally pushes people toward a healthy lifestyle. Even when they don’t realize it, golf is working wonders for people both physically and mentally.

Below are the main ways that golf jumpstarts and maintains a healthy lifestyle, and why it’s important for people in our society.

1.  The game is legitimate exercise, but only if walking is the mode of travel.

Golf is a game that utilizes many muscles in the human body. The key is walking rather than renting a cart. While golf is often viewed as more of a passively physical sport, it really isn’t. The game helps improve both endurance and strength for those that play consistently.

It’s also a safe way to get exercise as most of the actions are low impact, meaning less pounding on the joints. The act of walking on soft grass can help prevent people from worsening already existent joint problems. Walking 18 holes can be a challenge, but starting with nine is a good place to start.

How golf exercise factors into a healthy lifestyle:

Golf is a game that subtly involves a substantial amount of exercise in someone’s life. Regardless of where a person works and what else they do for exercise, the activity level that golf presents is a seamless addition to anyone’s life. Exercise is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle, and golf presents a situation that most people are capable of accommodating.

2. The focus demanded from the game is healthy.

Due to golf being a game that demands concentrated focus, it’s a challenging pastime. It can admittedly be frustrating at times out on the golf course. However, getting away from work and other life demands and focusing intensely on a hobby can help people feel more at ease with their life.

Hobbies like riding a bike are so easy to master that sometimes they don’t provide the mental stimulation that people need to remove themselves from certain aspects of their routine. Golf is a continuous challenge, and nearly impossible to completely own as a sport.

How golf focus factors into a healthy lifestyle:

Many people want to remove themselves from their everyday life stresses. Golf does just that, plus much more. Not only does golf provide a mental escape from daily routine, it also presents a positive challenge that people can work on well into their later years.

3. The game requires patience.

It’s very difficult to hit a small white ball in a straight line, to say the very least. Golf requires patience, and the influence of this demand carries over into a healthy lifestyle both on and off the course. Life is tough sometimes, and golf can help people reel in their emotions.

When someone hits a bad shot in golf, each and every round they play for years and years, they learn to move on and think positively. This is such a huge component of living a healthy lifestyle. The ability to push forward through adversity is a main key to happiness for people all over the planet.

How the patience acquired from golf factors into a healthy lifestyle:

Patience is one of the main components of a quality life. If people can be patient with their aspirations and challenges, a unique peace of mind can be achieved. It’s important to take note of the affect that golf can have on the lives of individuals.

Golf has become a global sport, but it’s still under appreciated when it comes to the progress it helps people make toward a healthy lifestyle. The game surely has other benefits, but these are some specific ones that people can utilize to further increase their appreciation of a day out on the course.

Scott McCormick is obsessed with sports. When he’s not recording the latest SportsCenter he writes for Golf Now San Diego about tips and tricks to help on the links.



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