August 1, 2014

Golf Injuries

Golf Injuries: Prevention is better than cure!

From experience of all people that have under gone through our golf training programs, it is inevitable that after some time in the training that golf injuries will occur. The repetitive nature of the golf swing is the major cause of golf injuries especially low back pain or Sciatica in golfers. Other common golf injuries include Elbow pain (golfer’s elbow), Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain.

Mainly to new golfers or those who are frequent golf players, majority of golf related injuries are as a result of poor mechanics or overuse. Golf training and playing and puts significant demands on your body both mentally and physical which often result into golf injuries.

 back-painWhat can you do to prevent golf injuries?

Golf is all about the golf swing and repetitive swinging should be looked at keenly as regards the pains so we advise that you should adjust your swing.

By understanding the mechanics behind every golf swing that you take can play an important role in preventing your golf injuries:

1. Use proper posture:

Every time you stand to take a swing, make it a habit to think about your posture before and during your swing. Always stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, this is helpful in that you distribute your body weight equally on both feet.

2. Stay smooth:

 The strength to obtain  a perfect golf swing comes from force transferred smoothly through your muscle groups, from your ankles to your wrists. You may be more prone to injuries if you over depend on one part of your body for your golf hitting power. If you are overemphasizing your wrists during your  golf swing, this has potential to lead to golfer’s elbow — a strain of the muscles on the inside of the forearm.

3. Don’t over swing:

Too much of everything is always bad, keeping this at the back of your mind, know that if you swing the club too hard or too fast, chances are that you may stress your joints. Remember to relax and take a nice, easy and soft swings at the ball.

2. Put together a Golf Fitness Routine:

Golfers are athletes and accordingly they should work out to improve their game and to prevent injury.  Increasing flexibility, body rotation and core strength will go a long way to hitting the ball further with less aches and pains.  A Fitness For Golf Routine is a perfect way to prevent golf injuries.  If you are interested in learning more please leave a comment below.



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