November 21, 2012

Golf Fitness For Senior Golfers and Everyone Else

My father Emmet lives the Fitness For Golf lifestyle as a senior golfer that I aspire to.  I was at a charity function last weekend with over 500 people and here is my father and mother out in the middle of the dance floor like they were in their teens having a grand old time.  Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious and carries over to their enjoyment of golf.

I know this because fellow golfers would come up to me and admire both parent’s energy, and then launch into an Emmet golf story.  One guy tells me that he was invited with a group to play with Emmet at Mirabel in Scottsdale.  They were in awe that the day they played with him he had already run 5 miles and then got out to walk and carry his bag for 18 holes.

I related a similar story of playing with Emmet one time when visiting him.  We drive up to the first tee in the golf cart.  I was on a long winter layover and had not played for a while.  But when your 76 year old (at that time) father gets out of the cart and straps his bag on his back, then you better plan on walking and carrying your bag for 18 holes as well. 

But as much cardio and energy Emmet has, the one thing I have noticed with him is the loss of distance as the years have gone on.  Cardio and stamina do not help hit the ball longer.  Strength and rotation are the key to that.  Since we have updated the member site, Emmet has found some stretches and drills that will help him enjoy playing golf, even as he continues to age.  The site is designed for all ages and physical levels.  To learn more you can check out the video that takes you behind the scenes by clicking this link:

Behind the Scenes at Fitness For Golf

Golf is an awesome sport for all ages but I think it is a particularly good activity for the senior golfer.  It provides physical, mental and social aspects that cannot be easily replicated in other sports for this age group.  But as the golfer begins to age, it is very important to make sure to not neglect the golf fitness aspect of the sport.  The more you can stretch before a round, keep in shape to put a good hit on the ball, and mentally focus energy on the putting surface, you will be able to play great senior golf as long as you desire.


Of course for those of us who still don’t feel like we are senior golfers, golf fitness may take on a different intensity.  It can become the edge for hitting longer straighter drives, muscling balls out of thick rough, and having the stamina physically and mentally to compete for 18 hole matches.

Now back to Emmet and his fitness for golf lifestyle.  He’s been married to my mother Fran for over 50 years.  Besides being his partner in life, she also is a partner many times on the golf course.  Between them they have 16 hole in ones (8 each).  Besides hanging out in the summer in Omaha and the winter in Scottsdale at Mirabel Country Club with a great group of friends, Emmet enjoys good wine, golf travel, and Notre Dame football…Go Irish.

And this Thanksgiving is Emmet’s 79th birthday.  My guess is he will celebrate with a run in the morning, a round of golf, dinner with family and friends followed by toasts of good wine.  That is a Fitness For Golf Lifestyle. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy Birthday to my inspirational father, Emmet.

This article is written by Mike Root, owner of Fitness For Golf



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