May 16, 2013

Golf Fitness Exercises Training at home

Golf fitness training is easy contrary to what most people believe and you do not need a lot of time, money or equipment to improve your golf swing. You do not need to frequent the gym in order to be fit for golf, in reality all golf fitness exercises can be performed in the comfort of your home.


Golf fitness training equipment

Most people who go to fitness clubs part with about $50 – $100 monthly as membership subscription and with equally the same amount, you can get the basic equipment that you will use for golf fitness exercises right at your home. You will require a pair of dumbbells, a golf exercise ball, a medicine ball and probably golf exercise tubing. You will pay for this once and in the end you will be saving your cash doing your golf fitness exercises.


Golf fitness stretches

Here at Fitness for golf we provide you a full description of golf fitness stretches that you can perform daily when warming up to train your body with easy golf stretches. The great thing about these golf stretches is that there is a limited threat of injury and it is extremely beneficial for overall flexibility. This stretching program will include all the major muscle groups, with particular focus on the golfing muscles.


Simple Golf Exercises

These exercises depend on will and ability and are not restricted to age, gender or experience so anyone can do all of these exercises using the equipment discussed as above. Less than 10 minutes a day continuously can make a huge difference on your golf fitness and consequently your golf swing! Try out the following exercises for your improved golf flexibility.

1. Abdominal Crunches

They are one of the most common and very effective abdominal exercises. When performing this exercise you will lay on the floor with both your feet tucked to your body and knees pointing to the air. Then raise your chest up to your knees. Focus and contraction while performing this exercise should be on the lower abdomen so as to increase the intensity and strength benefits. It is advisable that you keep your hands by your ears during this exercise and do not pull them behind your neck in order to avoid neck strains.

2. Cone Touch

The first step in attaining flexibility for golf on starts with being balanced. Balancing yourself is important as it helps twist your body to hit a golf ball. Here is how to perform a cone drill place any item you can easily find about a yard away from where you are. Then stand on one leg and reach over and touch the item before returning to an upright position. This exercise looks very simple but in the real sense you are flexing your shoulders, torso and hips as you do this. This can help improve your golf swing or just your flexibility and balance in general because you will be making your muscles more flexible and improving your balance.

3. Russian Twists

This form of exercise is an extremely powerful abdominal and oblique exercise for golf that will greatly improve your golf swing. Perform the Russian Twist as described below;

  • Sit on your upper butt and very lower back lifting your upper back off the ground together with your legs.
  • Tuck the legs in more and move them towards the chest to facilitate abdominal muscles contraction.
  • Holding the medicine ball in your hands, move your arms side to side touching the ball on the ground.

With this kind of exercise you will be targeting the oblique muscles as well as the lower abdomen muscle which will eventually increase your power and golf fitness dramatically. In cases where the Russian Twists become overly difficult, you can get rid of the medicine ball is not really that necessary.



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