August 15, 2014

Golf Conditioning Exercises

Golf Conditioning Exercises

 It is common that golfers spend their spare time golfing than putting any time into golf fitness exercise. Golfers can increase their golf fitness by improving their golf strength and flexibility.  Having the right golf training regimen

Having no golf physical conditioning increases the odds that you will not be playing at an optimal level and remember that physical golf conditioning is no less important than golf lessons that you undertake.

The first step is to get a thorough physical assessment from our free golf Specific Assessments online in order to determine your muscle weaknesses and flexibility. The golf assessment is very helpful in determining and addressing any golf injuries, imbalances, inflexibility or other problems before you can go ahead with the golf conditioning program.

Three components for golf conditioning

When developing your own golf conditioning training, you should include three components:

Cardiovascular exercises for golf

Flexibility and golf fitness exercises

Golf power/strength training

Visit the pages above for free and complete golf conditioning training for general body flexibility and increase you strength for golf.

As part of my everyday warmup I do a series of about a dozen stretches.  This puts me in a good position to work out with weights or if I am doing cardio, it is an excellent way to stretch after.  I have found by doing these stretches regularly I have increased my rotation and flexibility for making the proper golf swing.  Here is just one of the stretches that is easy to do.

This movement is designed to build mobility and strength in your trunk by separating your hips and shoulders.


  • Lie down on your back with arms extended at your sides
  • Bend your legs to hip level, then rotate them towards the floor on the opposite side
  • Keep your abs drawn in and shoulders touching the floor on each side
  • Rotate to your comfort zone on each side

lying_trunk_rotation_2 lying_trunk_rotation_1





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