November 1, 2012

Get Your Golf Mind Primed For Peak Performance

If your goal is to play your best golf consistently, you must be able to cultivate a “peak performance mindset”.  Sadly, many players believe that they’ll be more confident, calm etc. only after they have been playing well for a period of time.

The exact opposite is actually true.  You must be confident and calm first, in order to play your best golf.

How do you do this?  The following technique is a favorite from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP).

This technique is called The Circle of Excellence.

Step 1:Decide on a peak state(s) that you would like to have at your disposal on the golf course i.e. calm, confident, relaxed etc.


Step 2:Image a circle in front of you on the floor/ground.  


Step 3:Choose one of your desired peak states and begin to bring it into your body and mind.  Imagine a time when you felt this emotion intensely.  Recall everything about that time and how strong your feelings were, both in your body and thoughts.  Imagine again everything that you saw, heard, smelled etc.  Hold your body that same way you did in that moment.  

Get the INTENSITY of this emotion as high as possible.  Now project those intense positive feeling into the circle in front of you.

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Step 4:When you sense that your feelings are at their peak, step confidently into the circle.  Take the feelings up even another notch.  Feel the emotion surrounding your body and flowing through you


Step 5:Before the intensity starts to fade, step back out of the circle.  Clear your head by counting backwards from 20.


Step 6 +:You can repeat this process for the same emotional state several times (it becomes stronger the more often you do it), and then you can choose another mental/emotional state and add that to your Circle of Excellence.

Once you have established your Circle of Excellence, you can simply imagine the circle anywhere at anytime (for example, standing behind the ball for your pre-shot routine), step into it, and instantly have access to your peak performance mindset.


But give this simple “The Circle of Excellence” technique a shot, and let me know how it affects your mental state and golf shots!


Stephen Ladd is a Holistic Golf Performance Coach, and Founder of Renegade Golf – Holistic Cross Training for the Mind & Body.  Over the last 17 years, Stephen as assisted over 7,000 golfers worldwide perform to their peak potential on the course through his Golf Strength and Conditioning Programs, Alternative Psychology Systems, and his Golf Training For Juniors Programs.You can discover more about his Renegade Golf System Here(affiliate link)



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