May 23, 2013

Free Golf fitness tips

Free Golf fitness tips

Here at Fitness for golf we know that whoever you are, wherever you are and no matter what level you play your golf, it is never a bad idea to catch up with some free golf fitness tips. That is why we have listed the best golf fitness exercises around to help improve your golf fitness and eventually your golf swing to be consistent and always hit the ball further.

Here is a list of the free golf fitness tips, golf exercises and golf instructions that we recommend for an everyday golfer.


Golf fitness tip # 1: Golf warm up.

For any kind of sport, proper warming up is fundamental of key performance ahead that is why here at Fitness for golf we have a whole section dedicated to golf warm up routines

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Out of ignorance perhaps most golfers don’t warm up or do it the wrong way, from their homes after signing in, just rush to the first tee within minutes of reaching the grounds as their warm up routine which I highly believe results into a very poor performance during the round leaving one disappointed about the unsteady play during the first holes.

One of the first things I do is to get to the course an hour early before my tee time. This always gives me ample time to go with my other business around the course without ever having to feel rushed affecting my concentrating on the play. I get to check in, change, use the men’s room and stuff like that.

torso_hip_rotation trunk_rotation

Begin warming up with the slowest and smoothest routines as described in our golf warm up series. This helps with the slow transition. Follow these very simple golf fitness stretches that can be performed either in the locker rooms or the course, where ever you feel comfortable perform each exercise about 20 times for effectiveness.

(i)                  Move your arms across the chest.

(ii)                Move your arms in a circle, 10 times for each direction.

(iii)               Do the shoulder twists, interchanging arms each time.

(iv)              Side bends each side 10 times.

(v)                Do the hip rotation, both directions.

(vi)              Do the lunges, 10 each leg

(vii)             Forward leg swing; interchange the legs, about 10 times each.

(viii)           Sideways leg swing; interchange the legs, about 10 times each.

These are the slowest warm up routines that we recommend here at fitness for golf. We will be posting more tips on golf and fitness every week so please catch our next edition of free golf fitness tips or visit our website at for more golf fitness stretches.



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