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Hit The Ball Straighter With Greater Flexibility

Golf Stretching is performed for the specific purpose of increasing the functional range of motion around the joints affecting the golf swing. Flexibility is a key component for a powerful swing.

Limited range of motion contributes to improper mechanics, fatigue, and injury. Without flexibility training your muscles will shorten over time and so will your swing. Here is a comprehensive list of benefits you’ll see by increasing your flexibility through a regular stretching program…

  • Increases range of motion allowing you to stretch and reach further
  • Improves distance, power and accuracy
  • Reduces the incidence and severity of low back pain
  • Improves your power in explosive activities
  • Increases improved circulation and blood flow
  • Relieves muscle soreness after intense physical activity
  • Improves posture and muscle balance
  • Increases muscle coordination
  • Promotes a synchronized golf swing
  • Increases neuromuscular coordination
  • Increases level of golf performance

At Fitness For Golf, our members have access to dozens of golf fitness stretches to help you play better golf due to better mobility without the aches and pains. For more information on flexibility and how it relates to your golf game such as: specific stretches to focus on parts of the body that are inflexible or for complete stretching routines to prepare you to practice or play, checkout becoming a Fitness For Golf Member.

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Hit The Ball Further With Functional Fitness For Golf Strength

Instead of using traditional weight training machines, golf conditioning experts use the concept of functional fitness when training elite level golfers. We are no longer just concerned with simply increasing the strength of a muscle group, but more importantly integrating the demands of golf and the movement patterns which intentionally incorporate balance and proprioception (body awareness) into training.

Functional fitness programs aim to specifically introduce controlled amounts of instability so that golfer is forced to create or regain his own stability. Since golfers rarely play the game on a stable surface, meaning they could be in sand with an uphill lay or in the woods, it’s important to continue challenging the golfer through various modes of functional training. In fact, a golfer’s display of strength in conditions of instability is actually the highest expression of strength.

There are many cookie cutter golf conditioning programs out there that suggest you use machines and only work single joint movement patterns. These prove to be inferior training methods because at no point in the swing are you sitting down and isolating a single muscle group. Therefore, there is no function created in the exercise and no carry over to your actual swing.

At Fitness For Golf, our members have access to golf specific exercises that will help you play better golf by training the proper muscles. Additionally, there are workouts designed to help golfers with specific golf needs like how to hit the ball further. Bulking up by bench pressing too much weight is not the right strategy for a golfer who needs uppoer body rotation to whip the driver’s club head around the body quickly for maximum distance. For specific exercises and rountines to focus building an athletic golf body, check out the Fitness For Golf membership.

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How To Focus Your Mental Energy In Golf

One mistake that many of us make in sport (and in life!) is that we spend a lot of our time thinking about the past or looking into the future. Occasional glimpses into the rear view mirror of our current situation can give us information that can be helpful. Occasional glimpses into the future can help us plan ahead to make the right club selection or the best shot to manage the course effectively.

The key here is that this is a glimpse rather than a stare or an obsession.  “I should have done it differently”. “I can’t believe I screwed that up, it was so easy”. “I’d be one over at the turn if I hadn’t hit that approach in the water on number eight”.   These are examples of backwards looking and backwards thinking that inhibit your ability to execute to the best of your ability RIGHT NOW.

It is very difficult, if not impossible to perform at a peak level when you are still focusing on something that has passed.  Most of us are not talented or lucky enough to be able to be thinking about the past and still react to the situation at hand in an optimal way.  Similarly, others are so caught up in the future that they forget to take care of this moment.  “What if” and “I hope I don’t” thinking characterizes this type of dynamic.  “What if I bogie this hole too?” “What if I don’t sink this putt?” “I hope I don’t hit it left here.”  Others will future-think about a positive event: “If I par the next two holes, I’ll post my best score!”  “If I get up and down from here, I’ll win the club championship”.  This thinking, while at first appearing positive, in fact is a distraction from being focused in the present.

While still performing, the thoughts of winning and succeeding can actually inhibit performance for most people.  To “Be Here Now” means to purposefully bring yourself into the present so that you can put all of your focus on the current shot before you.  This focus is most effectively achieved by dismissing the thoughts of the past and future with an inner dialogue that emphasizes executing the task at hand.

This “present moment” dialogue would go something like this, “Of course I don’t want to bogie this hole too. “ “I’m not going to worry about score.”  “Right now I want to hit this driver like I know I’m capable, to that target right there.”   “It would be nice to post my best score, but right now I want to put a good swing on this 7-iron shot.”  “Let’s take it on a line toward that chimney in the distance with a slight draw over the center of the green”. This is the dialogue of players “in the zone” and the kind of self-talk that wins championships!

At Fitness For our members have access to many resources to help the mental game of golf so you can stay out of your own way.  In addition to being in the moment for each golf shot you take, it is also important to think a good game with championship strategies.  For specific drills and skills needed to mentally prepare for each round of golf check out a membership in Fitness For by clicking here.

What Is Best To Eat During My Golf Round?

Having enough energy to be able to finish a strong round is important when striving to keep a low score. Eating the right foods before and during your round plays an important part in that strong finish.

When we look at nutrition for athletes, we tend to look at the pre-game meal as the most important part of the plan. However, you’re fighting an endless battle if you ignore what you eat the rest of the time. A well balanced diet throughout the whole week–and not just the day of your outing is also important. Keeping your fat and sugar intake at a minimum while balancing your protein and carbohydrates in your daily meals can be as important as what you eat on game day.

However, the “game day” or “pre-round” meal for the serious golfer should be evaluated if you find yourself running on fumes by the 16th hole tee shot. At the turn or if you feel hungry during the front nine, try eating a nutrition bar to give you a strong finish on the 18th green. Stay away from greasy foods that are high in fats like hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato chips. These may tickle the taste buds but won’t help your score. Try a protein bar with a carbohydrate like a piece of fruit such as an apple, orange or banana. This makes for a great combination.

Staying properly hydrated is also crucial. Drinking water regularly before and during your round will help keep you full of energy and mentally focused. It is imperative to stay away from sodas and alcohol. Both will cause dehydration which will not only decrease your endurance but can also lead to life-threatening problems such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Water is usually the best answer; but if you need some flavor try a sports drink that is low in sugar.

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