September 20, 2012

For a Stronger Core Stay on the Floor

If you’ve stepped into a gym in the last 10 years you’ve most likely noticed those big rubber balls known as exercise balls (or stability balls or Swiss balls).

In my experience, most times these balls sit all alone in the corner unless they were being used in a special core or ball class, or by a creative trainer teaching his client some new “challenging movements”.

But the question still exists “Does exercising on unstable surfaces, such as the bosu ball, swiss balls, and wobble boards build core strength for the explosive power needed for an efficient golf swing?”

A study from the California State University, Northridge, led by James Kohler, showed that training on stable surfaces overloaded and activated the core muscles best. They measured core muscles activation during the overhead shoulder press, performed on stable and unstable surfaces, using electromyography (measures the electrical activity of muscles). Core muscle load decreased with the instability of the surface.

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Conclusion, exercising on firm ground is best for overloading core muscle groups.

Performing core-stabilizing exercises on unstable surfaces is good for rehab and testing, but does NOT to improve balance and posture control. So the concept of building core muscles on unstable surfaces is wrong.

Unfortunately most golf specific fitness programs are one-dimensional. They emphasize isolated muscle of the core and ignore the dynamic aspects of core training. 

I agree that beginners should first build a solid base with static core then move to Dynamic core training, which teaches the muscles to work together.

For example,  to increase power in the golf swing, you need to train the movement, not the individual muscles.

For hip stability for ( proper posture at address), train the movement not muscles. To start the downswing with your lower body, train the movement not the muscles. To stop the slice, train the movement not muscles. For greater balance on your follow through, train the movement not muscles.

The best exercises for building core strength are large, whole body exercises, such as snatches, squats, deadlifts, and mini plyometrics.

The take home message to my fellow golfers:

Begin a golf fitness program for better health, and, if you’re looking for lower scores, improve your core by staying on the floor. Once that happens …

You’ll drive the ball farther.
You’ll hit your fairway woods longer.
You’ll hit your long iron shots farther.

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This article is written by Chris Ownbey

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