October 24, 2011

Following Your Own North Star

If you are looking at the stars at night, they seem to move across the sky. It is the earth that is actually turning while the Northern Star appears to be in a fixed position. It is this reference point that has faithfully served sailors on the high seas for centuries.

The North Star has been called a “Guiding Star”, a constant in the sky, an unwavering point of direction offering hope, a sense of purpose, and clear path to the final destination.

If you are one of the many approaching this Spring with the desire to get in the best shape of your life, don’t become another statistic. Instead of focusing on the millions of Americans who will begin, then promptly end their chance of ever meeting their goal, let’s concentrate on the many ways to maximize your chances of success. Success so profound that not only do you reach your weight loss and exercise goals, but you are so moved by the experience it becomes life altering.

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Exercise and living healthy becomes a natural part of your daily living and you become a strong positive influence on those around you. Your best opportunity for this type of success lies in creating and following your own North Star. Create this same constant guiding force offering you a sense of direction which is clear, precise and predictable.

S Set realistic goals. These will serve as your North Star. Do not let anything deter you from this reference point. For every situation that you encounter outside of your expectations, ask yourself this question…will this get me closer to my goal? If not, do not give in to the temptation, no exception.
T Make it time bound. In the absence of a deadline, mediocrity occurs. Always set a reasonable time frame to meet your goals. This will give you something to strive for and will allow priorities to be set.
A Attitude is everything. Always be positive focusing on success. Failure is not an option for those with steadfast goals and priorities. Think, eat and surround yourself with images and ideas which are healthy in nature. Concentrate on finding personal measures of success. Reward yourself along the way.
R Review your strengths and weaknesses. If you give proper attention to your weaknesses and work on specific measures of improvement you will become a stronger person now and forever. Bust your worst vice. It is the strong of heart and mind that not only survive, but thrive.

As Spring approaches, set your North Star and use it as your guide through the stormy days ahead. Trust it in the same way scores of sailors and centuries of travelers have followed it to reach their final destination. It is a fail proof method of reaching your goals.



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