November 29, 2012

Fitness For Golf TV

New Video YouTube TV Station is Relaunched

We have redeveloped a new YouTube TV Channel called Fitness For Golf TV. We will post up golf fitness and golf tip videos, golf experiences and trips as well as interviews we conduct. New this week will be video from Seth Glasco’s course I played in Las Vegas called Stallion Mountain.

Pure Strike: the 5 Simple Keys to Consistency

Stallion Mountain is a public course that our Fitness For Golf friend Seth Glasco teaches at. It was once a 54 hole course that is now down to 18 holes and housing developments fill the rest of the land. It is a nice layout with some challenging holes. They had me at one time but when I got there, they told me I could go off and join a twosome that was on the tee. No warmup or practice time so I immediately went into a few of my quick Fitness For Golf stretches like sit to stand and back and hip rotations. (Members can find these and other quick warmup drills on the membership site when you log in).

Make sure you check out Make sure you like the channel and then every time we have a new video posted you will be notified so you don’t miss any of the free videos.



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