May 27, 2013

Getting fit for golf or playing golf to get fit

Getting fit for golf or playing golf to get fit:


We all have different reasons for playing golf, to many it’s a sport, others its fun or pass time well as other want to actually get fit by playing golf. To many, playing golf is somewhere between a game or a sport or both, it’s confusing. So if playing golf is a sport or a game, is up to you to decide but our issue of debate is whether one can really get fit by actually playing golf or one needs to be fit in order to play golf. Can golf be considered as an exercise and an individual can actually get and maintain shape by only playing golf?

From observations and studies especially by Gold Digest, most people who play golf constantly have a lot of body aches and pains when playing golf and most of them men are actually over weight. Even though it is so, this does not necessarily mean that golf is a bad exercise. Here at fitness for golf, we have made it our business to make playing golf enjoyable and really fun at the same time getting your fitness for golf with the daily golf routines and golf exercises that we have collected for you.


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One of the golf fitness exercises that most people over look is actually “walking”. Studies show that walking more at the golf course will greatly reduce the risks of having heart disease by reducing the cholesterol levels in your blood. The sad thing about all this is that most people who engage in recreational golf never leave their golf carts and only move out of them to just take a swing. I am however happy with some golf courses that have made it a routine and encourage more walking on the course rather than being in the golf carts for a long period of time.

I am not totally undermining the uses of the golf cart, it is a very useful tool in helping us carry those heavy golf bags otherwise there would be no carrying  those bags minus getting injury, the back pains would be the order of the day.

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I would recommend all first time golf player get screened for musculoskeletal imbalances.  Always begin with a good golf warm-up stretches as we have discussed before beginning the 18 holes, and encourage you to start taking long walks as part of the golf warm up exercise. Stretching is very important but it should be performed hand in hand with other golf fitness exercises and golf tips to form one balanced program. Another golf tip that has always worked for me is to seek medical advice and help whenever you get injured and totally stop further playing and golf training not until you get better and the issues resolved. Due to the fun associated with playing golf, may people play with the pain which has often resulted in not being able to play at all for a long time due to the injuries, so take care of yourself before playing.

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