October 24, 2011

Excessive Body Fatigue

There are two main reasons why fatigue generally sets in at the end of a round. This includes poor nutrition and/or cardiovascular endurance. Fatigue can be occurring in certain muscles letting you know they need strengthening, but most times it comes back to cardio endurance and food. While cardio doesn’t play a huge role in a golfer’s performance, it is imperative that a golfer meet the minimum standards for fitness so that it doesn’t adversely affect their game. There are many foods and especially those acquired at the turn that cause instant fatigue. Most people do not associate the fatigue with what they ate, yet if you go back to when the fatigue sets in; it most assuredly is perfectly timed with a meal they just consumed.

  1. Take the 12 minute walk/run test. Compare your results with where they should be for your age and gender. If you come up a little short here, make sure you spend more time in the cardio section getting ideas on how to increase your endurance.
  2. Go to the Nutrition section and compare the foods you normally choose with the foods recommended for golf. Are you selecting high glycemic foods in the middle of your round? If so, switch these choices for a few lower glycemic options and it will make a big difference in your energy levels.

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